Zaid's first build

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So I started my first build, went fairly smooth, just was confused in the beginning about what to download as the pre-requisites for windows. Little bit of reading and got that figured out.

The only other issue I had was even after updating to the Vista SDK, their appeared to be some vista related files missing. After googling the error message, I got a solution to add the following line into the .mozconfig file:

"ac_add_options --disable-vista-sdk-requirements"

after which the build went flawlessly.

 My Firefox 3.0 build had the following ".mozconfig" file:
 # My first mozilla config
 mk_add_options MOZ_OBJDIR=@TOPSRCDIR@/../obj-@CONFIG_GUESS@
 ac_add_options --enable-application=browser
 mk_add_options MOZ_CO_PROJECT=browser
 ac_add_options --enable-libxul
 ac_add_options --disable-tests 
 ac_add_options --disable-mochitest 
 ac_add_options --disable-vista-sdk-requirements
 Zaid minefield.jpg

I also built Thunderbird after my successful run with Minefield.

 My Thunderbird build had the following ".mozconfig" file:

#. $topsrcdir/browser/config/mozconfig
ac_add_options --enable-application=mail
cmk_add_options MOZ_CO_PROJECT=mail
mk_add_options MOZ_OBJDIR=@TOPSRCDIR@/objdir-debug
mk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=-j5
ac_add_options --enable-optimize --disable-debug
ac_add_options --disable-vista-sdk-requirements
 Zaid TB.jpg