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Week 3 (Jan. 25 - 31)

  1. Android Tutorial for Beginners: Part 1 (2014) [1] (Peter Liu 1/25/2015: easy to follow)
  2. You can easily add common methods to any activity or classes. Simply press ctrl + o and a "Select Methods to override/implement" window will appear. Here you will select your required methods. Some other shortcut keys are listed here. GitHub -Krishanthan Lingeswaran
  3. Pressing ctrl + Q while a method or class is highlighted will quickly display the documentation for it. [2](Elsi Nushaj 1/31/2015: quick documentation shortcut)
  4. In Android Studio, press Alt + Enter (option + return on Mac) to import missing classes (Norbert Curiciac)

Week 4 (Feb. 1-7)

  1. Using Github with Android Studio (2013) [3] (Tai Nguyen 2/4/2015: Simple instructions)
  2. Pressing Alt + Enter while typing code will auto complete the rest of the code (2014) [4] (Elsi Nushaj 2/6/2015: Shortcut for completion of code)

Week 5 (Feb. 8 - 14)

  1. The following shortcut can be used to change the order of lines in the IDE, Alt + Shift + Up/Down (2014) [5] (Elsi Nushaj 2/9/2015: Shortcut for moving lines of code)
  2. Duplicate Lines - Copy the current line and paste it below without interfering with your clipboard(2014) [6] (Tai Nguyen 2/9/2015: Copy the current line)
  3. The following link is for helping you to use your Android phone to debug your application on Android Studio. Taken from Google Developer website.

[7] (Sandeep, Saldanha 2/9/2015: Helping you to Debug)

Week 6 (Feb. 15 - 21)

  1. The following shortcut can be used to delete the currently selected line in the IDE, Ctrl + y (2014) [8] (Elsi Nushaj 2/15/2015: Shortcut for deleting a single line of code)
  2. The following shortcut this will show you where you are when your scope definition is out of the scrolling area, Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Q (2014) [9] (Tai Nguyen 2/15/2015: To get a quick look at what the current class extends or implements)
  3. CONTROL ALT L - this shortcut will reorganize your XML code into line by line in Android Studio (Albert Kim 2/17/2015)
  4. Press CTRL + F9 (Win) or CMD + F9 (Mac) to BUILD Project (Norbert Curiciac 2/20/2015)
  5. Press SHIFT + F10 (Win) or CTRL + R (Mac) to BUILD and RUN Project (Norbert Curiciac 2/20/2015)

Week 7 (Feb 22 - 28)

  1. Press CTRL + slash(/) for line comments; repeat to remove line comment (Shianne Lee 2/23/2015)
  2. The Switcher - Press alt+tab / cmd+tab of the IDE. It allows you to navigate to a tab or a panel. (Tai Nguyen 2/25/2015)
  3. Press ALT + ENTER over red line when assigning different types. It will show a dialog for casting. (Albert Kim 2/28/2015)
  4. Eclipse users can alter shortcuts to match that IDE by going into preferences -> keymap and then selecting eclipse from the drop down list(2014) [10] (Elsi Nushaj 2/28/2015: Eclipse shortcuts in Android Studio)

Week 8

  1. To look up a command press Ctrl + Shift + A (2014) [11] (Elsi Nushaj 3/1/2015: Command search)
  2. CONTROL CLICK on a keyword to see its source (click Class name to see the Class file) (Albert Kim 3/7/2015)

Week 9 (March 8 - 14)

  1. To look up a method use the following shortcut, Ctrl + Alt + l (2014) [12] (Elsi Nushaj 3/13/2015: Method search)

Week 10 (March 15 - 21)

  1. If you are creating your application around material design and want to ensure that you applications follows all criteria (Paddings, Margins, Etc..), you can validate it using the DSPEC Library [13] (Krishanthan Lingeswaran 3/16/2015)
  2. Workaround for Android Studio was unable to find valid JVM on Mac OS X [14] (Andrew Li 3/17/2015)
  3. How to add a pie chart to your project in android studio [15] (Joshua Byer 3/19/2015)
  4. The Ctrl + D key binding is great for quickly duplicating code lines or fragments. Simply select the desired line or fragment and enter this key binding. (Norbert Curiciac 3/19/2015)
  5. cmd+shift+e - Same as the above but listing only files that have been edited. (Tai Nguyen 3/19/2015)
  6. To show line numbers on XML files in android studio, click the grey bar at the top right of the screen (2013) [16] (Elsi Nushaj 3/21/2015: XML line number view)

Week 11 (March 22 - 28)

  1. To see the call hierarchy for a method enter the shortcut CTRL + ALT + H (2014) [17] (Elsi Nushaj 3/22/2015: See call hierarchy)
  2. If Intel HAXM does not install on your computer it is because you are not using a Intel processor (Joshua Byer 3/28/2015)

Week 12 (March 29 - April 4)

  1. The short cut CTRL + F, to search, utilizes camel case searching (2014) [18] (Elsi Nushaj 3/29/2015: A person can search a lower case letter and an upper case one to find matches that have those, e.g. "oC" will give result "onCreate")
  2. Use the Android Device Manager on Android studio to help debug files within you application. Especially if you are heavily dependant on the Emulator. Lets say you want to find your DB file from the emulator you can use this to navigate to /data/data/APP_NAME and locate files here. If you are saving files onto the device, you can use this utility as well. You can also pull the files from the emulator. Utility also works with Physical devices, but needs to be rooted to be able to grab files and what not. -Krishanthan Lingeswaran

Week 13 (April 11 - 18)

  1. Right click a selection and choose compare with clipboard to compare code via a diff (2014) [19] (Elsi Nushaj 4/11/2015: A person can easily compare two sections of code together)
  2. A Curated List of IDE Plugins for Android Development (2015) [20] (Albert Kim 4/17/2015: A list of IDE plugins for Android)
  3. Android Location API using Google Play Services (2015) [21] (Tai Nguyen 4/17/2015: Working with google maps)