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This is a list of things that would be useful to have...


  • JavaScript
    • Pro JavaScript Techniques, Apress, 1590597273
    • JavaScript the Definitive Guide, O'Reilly, 0596101996
  • Python
    • Python Programming On Win32, O'Reilly, 1565926218
    • Python Cookbook, O'Reilly, 0596007973
    • Programming Python, O'Reilly, 0596009259
    • Python in a Nutshell, O'Reilly, 0596100469
  • General Reference
    • Regular Expression Pocket Referece, O'Reilly, 0596514271
  • Social Impact of Web Technology
    • Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations, Penguin, 1594201536



We have a large window space facing one of the TEL entrances. We should take advantage of this to share what we're doing with our local community. We should also more purposefully brand the CDOT space.

  • Window hangings/banners
  • Large screen LCD TV/monitor
  • Digital picture frame in the CS office, showing info about CDOT?
  • Better CDOT signage
    • A plaque for each cubicle
    • A laminated sign for each PC (with changable details rewritable?)

Status Monitors

It would be useful to have monitors that continuously display the status of the CDOT systems in an interesting way (Processing.js?), including system availability (up/down), system load, disk status, and so forth.

  • 1-2 small ARM boards to run the displays
  • LCD displays (20-30")
  • Cabling and signal splitters


  • Poster printing for poster sessions at end of year


  • Student travel
    • Processing conferences?
    • Future interns to tech meetings?
    • GCC Summit?

Mobile Devices

  • Tablets
    • iPad X 2(?)
    • 0ther ... please list

Interactive Devices

  • We have a 2 - 3 year old Wii
  • Kinect

Where should these be installed?


Add more things here!