Winter 2010 SBR600 Posters and Presentations

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Poster/Presentation Topic Name State
Poster Winter 2010 Posters/Certs Sadiki Latty Poster Created
Presentation (#3) Winter 2010 Presentations/Storage Performance David Chisholm Presentation Partially Complete
Poster Winter 2010 Posters/ARM Intro Arlene Daniel Need additional text for poster!
Presentation (#2) Winter 2010 Presentations/VMs+Emulation Daniel Gilloch Writing
Presentation (#1) Winter 2010 Presentations/ARM Intro Mashfique Haque Writing
Poster Winter 2010 Posters/SheevaPlug Configuration Alex Vlahopoulos (SBR700) Poster Created
Poster Winter 2010 Posters/Koji Hub Poster Paul Whalen Poster Created
Poster Winter 2010 Posters/Koji Builder David Cabral Ready for layout!
Poster Winter 2010 Posters/GCC4.5 Packaging/ViewSource Packaging Boris Chao (SBR700) / Jonathan Deni (SBR700) Poster Created


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  • Posters: Friday April 16 at Midnight
  • Presentations: Tuesday April 20 at Midnight


Poster and Presentation Event

  • Date: Friday, April 23, 2010
  • Starting time: 1:30 pm -- please be there in advance (~1:00 pm would be good)
  • Location: T1015 (south side of 1st floor of TEL building -- not in CDOT/ORI/TELi area)

Expected Attendees

  • SBR/OSD/DPS Open Source students
  • Faculty
  • School, faculty, and college administrators, including:
    • David Agnew, President, Seneca College
    • Cindy Hazel, VP Academic, Seneca College
    • LauraJo Gunter, Dean, Faculty of Information Arts and Technology, Seneca College
    • Evan Weaver, Chair, School of Computer Studies, Seneca College
    • Dawn Mercer, Office of Research and Innovation, Seneca College
  • Industry partners