Why Should I Use Linux?

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Good Question. Linux is a free operating system that is based on the Unix operating system created in the late 1960s. Basically, anything that you can do in Windows can be done in Linux.
The Linux operating system can offer a low-cost solution to run various servers:
  • web-server
  • ftp-server
  • mail-server
  • file-server
  • print-server
  • audio-streaming-server

The Linux OS is also considered to be an excellent platform to develop software in a quick and efficient manner.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions when using MS Windows:

  • Can I get free software without breaking the law?
  • Why do I have to buy anti-virus software year after year?
  • Why can't I select software from a repository to automatically install on my OS?
  • Can I download and install free and useful applications instead of trialware?
  • Can I run a free webserver on my computer to handle more than 10 visitors simultaneously?
  • Can I view and modify applications on my computer to better meet my needs?
  • Can I create a powerful computer lab inexpensively ?
  • Can I create create a Music Recording Studio inexpensively using alternatives to expensive software applications such as ProTools?
  • Can I setup and play keyboards (Grand Piano, Hammond B3, Vox, Rhodes Piano, Moog, Phophet) without spending hundreds of dollars on proprietary application such as Native Instrument keyboard applications?
  • Can I Jam over the Internet without purchasing proprietary software like Reaper?
  • Can I create a Video Recording Studio inexpensively?
  • Can I obtain newer releases of an OS more often (say every 6 months instead of 2-3 years)?
  • How come MS Windows doesn't have different desktop environments?
  • How come MS Windows doesn't allow me to see other OS partitions on my Desktop (for free)?

If you answered YES to just a few of these questions, it may be worth your effort to download and install the Linux operating system. Even if you prefer to keep working in MS Windows, it would still be useful to learn about "open source software" to download, install and use on Windows for free.