Where to store the state info (e.g., previous position) between mouse events?

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Discussion from #introduction with khuey

20:40 <@humph> evening
20:41 <@humph> any content/dom folks about?
20:41 <@humph> I need to bounce some ideas off someone
20:43 < khuey> sure
20:43 <@humph> hey
20:43 <@humph> so here's my issue
20:43 <@humph> working on mouselock, and I need to keep track of some state between mouse events
20:44 <@humph> basically, screenX/Y for this event - screenX/Y from last event is my delta
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20:44 <@humph> the screenX stuff works like this http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Stack_Trace_for_nsDOMMouseEvent::GetScreenX
20:44 <@humph> I'm trying to figure out where to stick my state between events
20:45 < khuey> mmm
20:45 < khuey> good question
20:45 < khuey> how doe "mouselock" work?
20:45 <@humph> for purposes of what we're discussing here
20:46 <@humph> you have two new things on nsIDOMMouseEvent
20:46 <@humph> movementX and movementY
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20:46 <@humph> and this is a delta of screenX and screenY
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20:46 <@humph> since last movement
20:46 <@humph> so I'm thinking I have to put this state on something as I'm building the dom/ui event
20:47 <@humph> such that I can reach down from the nsDOMMouseEvent and get it (or else pass it into it when I init)
20:47 <@humph> I'm struggling to find a perfect shelf for this, as it were
20:47 < khuey> so, the right place is probably nsEventStateManager
20:47 <@humph> I wondered this
20:47 <@humph> leave it on there as the event is being created?
20:47 < khuey> it stores things like http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/content/events/src/nsEventStateManager.h#506
20:48 < khuey> right
20:48 <@humph> yes, this looks right
20:48 < khuey> not sure exactly where the right place to set things is
20:49 <@humph> how do I get back to it from within nsDOMMouseEvent
20:49 <@humph> well, I can just bang it in for now to explore
20:49 < khuey> maybe nsEventStateManager::CheckForAndDispatchClick
20:49 <@humph> http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Stack_Trace_for_nsDOMMouseEvent::nsDOMMouseEvent_ctor
20:50 <@humph> but it will have various paths depending on the type of event
20:50 <@humph> that's the general path
20:50 < khuey> mmm, yeah, that's a synthetic event click
20:50 < khuey> that's actually not the general path
20:50 <@humph> no?
20:51 < khuey> no, that's the path that's taken when we synthesize a click cause reflow or js or whatever changed what's actually under the cursor
20:51 <@humph> I see
20:51 <@humph> I see what you mean in PresShell
20:52 < khuey> so, the other fun bit is that nsEventStateManagers are per presContext
20:52 < khuey> so each document has a different one
20:52 < khuey> that may or may not be a problem for you
20:53 <@humph> that will work, since you can't hold a lock on multiple docs at once
20:53 < khuey> ok
20:53 <@humph> only one element can be locked
20:53 <@humph> so it's not a click, but a mousemove I need to deal with
20:54 <@humph> well, actually, I guess it's any mouse event
20:54 <@humph> anything that will expose a MouseEvent
20:54 < khuey> ah, right
20:54 <@humph> maybe in DispatchMouseEvent I can grab the refPoint
20:55 < khuey> so I think those all go through nsESM::GenerateMouseEnterExit
20:55 < khuey> but I'm not certain
20:56 <@humph> ok, I'll poke
20:56 <@humph> this has been helpful, thanks
20:56 < khuey> sure, np

My current thinking, confirmed by my conversation with Kyle, is to store the x/y state on nsEventStateManager, and to pass it up with the event by extending nsEvent with prevRefPoint, to match its current refPoint member. A logical place to do this might be in nsEventStateManager::GenerateMouseEnterExit. I've emailed smaug for his thoughts before I make these changes.