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Raspberry Pi OpenGL

Hi. Sorry for contacting you via this wiki - I've not found a more conventional way to do so (although I suppose I could've signed up to instead). And to be clear from the start, unfortunately I'm not a programmer, so won't be able to help with any coding :-(

Anyway, I wonder if you'd please be able provide any pointers to shared information which may help members of the RISC OS Open community with OpenGL. Apparently it'll be possible to access the VideoCore facilities via the Linux binary blob and wrappers from RISC OS. As the wiki here indicates that the project is seeking OpenGL developers, I thought you may have some contacts (now or in the future) who may be willing to share some info. If so, this could be very helpful. Thanks for reading. Trevj 10:44, 11 April 2012 (EDT)