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Contact Information

gcasella located on
E-mail: (School E-mail) (Personal E-mail)
Gian-Luca Casella
Casella Networks (Currently Under Development)

About Me

  • Student at Seneca@York enrolled in CTYC Semester 6
  • Worked as a System Administrator at both Research In Motion (RIM) and NexJ Systems (Co-Op)
  • Scripted a series of automated tasks for Linux, Windows, and Cisco Networking Equipment. (Powershell, Bash, Perl, Expect(TCL)).
  • Enjoys computer/console gaming, computer networking, soccer.
  • Technology Blog at The Forest Root Domain.
  • VMware ESXi Server located in my house -- hosting a webserver, proxy server, SSH Server, etc.
  • Well rounded in both Windows and Linux Administration.