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Hello, my name is Dennis Villasenor, I am just finishing my first year at Seneca's BSD program. I graduated from Seneca's CPA program in 2004 and spent a few years working as a developer for SAP systems. I enjoy working with computers particularly with databases and anything that involves handling data as well as system design. I'm not particularly technically minded and prefer to look at system development and programming more from the business end of things.


Task List for BTP300

  • Need to divide the work for the edit functionality with Huda and begin working on it. (Done)
  • Huda has finished most of the edit function, I will be working on the Delete and Backspace section of that function.
  • Peter has informed us that only Assignment 3 specs will change and that we should be able to start A2 as soon as we are done with A1.
  • Spent a couple of hours last night working on the delete and backspace functionality. The insert function doesn't seem to be working. Will be taking a look at it either tomorrow or on Thursday (most likely Thursday since I have a full day of lectures tomorrow and only 1 morning class on Thursday)

BTP300 Developer Diary

Thursday Sept 5, 2013

  • Spent Thursday working on lab 1. I'll be working on lab 2 on Thursday this week.

Saturday Sept 7, 2013

  • Spent Saturday working on the display function of assignment 1 and got it working. Huda has already finished most of the edit. function for A1. I will be working on the Backspace and Delete components of the edit function.

- A few notes though from working on the lab and assignment.

  • Anti virus applications need to be temporarily deactivated before running labs and assignments compiled by the Borland compiler due to AV programs mistakenly treating compiled labs and assignments as viruses.
  • I've been having an issue with ghost keys on my laptop due to degradation of the bus(?) that controls my laptop's keyboard though it hopefully should not pose any issues with working on the assignment.

Monday Sept 9

  • Got the delete and backspace function working after 3 hours working on this application. Found an issue with the insert function in that it is not working. Will be looking at it later this week.

Thursday Sept 12

  • Fixed the insert issue, it turns out we forgot to put in a condition that detects when the insert button is clicked in our switch case statement. There was also an issue with compiling it in matrix due to using the strlen and strcpy methods. After adding #include<cstring> the application now compiles in matrix as well. Ran through the test a few times and it passed all of the. Sent the application over to Huda for her to take a look at it and see if there's any bugs or issues missed.


DPS909 Project

Popcorn Slideshare Slideshow Player

Task List for DPS909

  1. wk1 - First week of classes.
  2. wk2 - Read 'Cathedral and Bazaar' by Eric Raymond for a quiz during the week.
  3. wk3 - Setup blog, got assigned ticket 559 which is the Slideshow player. Got in touch with David Seifried and Chris DeCairos for the first time.
  4. wk4 - Talked with David Seifried. What the slideshow player will do has not yet been established at this point. Much of our discussion on IRC involved both me getting some clarification and ideas on what the player will do. Began working on an initial version which would consist of 2 javascript files, one for creating the slideshow and one for playing it.
  5. wk5 - Talked with David Seifried and it turns out that my ideas were off, there would only be one .js file which will run slideshows created and uploaded to [Slideshare].
  6. wk6 - Read through the slideshare API documentation and talked some more with Dave Seifried on the best way to approach coding this player.
  7. wk7 - Not much was done for DPS909. I had a number of work due in my other classes which I had to focus on.
  8. wk8 - Spent Thursday and Friday working on this player. Came to the conclusion that using an existing player would be a good approach as from the talks over IRC with Dave, the player will behave in much the same way as most of the other slideshow players. After looking at the different players and from the slideshare documentation on how to implement a slideshare slideshow, the Vimeo player looked like a good candidate. Friday and the weekend were spent adapting a copy of the vimeo player to run a slideshare slideshow though with no success. Sunday was spent attending FSOSS as a volunteer.
  9. wk9 - Continued to work on adapting the Vimeo player to run a slideshare application but with no success. Worked on my FSOSS Research Paper
  10. wk10 - Attempted to carry out a Firefox build but failed. It looks like the culprit was the file security settings on my laptop where I tried to do my build. Also did not expect just how long the build would take (it took close to 6 hours on my laptop)
  11. wk11 - Conducted a build of Firefox on my desktop which compiled successfully.
  12. wk12 - Finally managed to get my modified Vimeo player to run a slideshow. After talking with Humph on IRC, it turned out that popcorn needs to be run on a web server due to Flash's security model. Ported over my entire popcorn folder along with my slideshow player to my matrix account.
  13. wk13 - Got tasked with creating a mochi test for mouselock. After reading through the documentation I realized that I needed to rebuild Firefox using Rhung's Mozilla-Central repo. Ended up lost and confused after trying to do my Firefox build on Git instead of Moz Build shell. Didn't ask questions and got nowhere fast.
  14. wk14 - Worked on both the personal and project wiki. Much still remains to be done for the slideshow player and it definitely will not make the 1.1 release of popcorn. Will spend the remainder of the week cleaning the code.