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My blog spot [1]

Week 1

  • Go over Eclipse Tutorials
  • Read the wiki page materials
  • Research on PostgreSQL

Week 2

  • Research on Design Patterns, Adapter Design Patterns and Query Design Patterns
  • Go over "Working with Nexj Express Source Code" documentation
  • Get core code and briefly go over it
  • Read Nexj Studio Fundamentals

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

  • Overriding methods from SQLSchemaManager class
  • Research on ordering rules in PostgreSQL

Week 6

  • Finishing up PostgreSQLSchemaManager class
  • Research on full text search in PostgreSQL
  • Adding necessary drop methods (columns, trigger functions, indexes)
  • Running all tests for PostgreSQ:SchemaManager class

Week 7

  • Working on PostgreSQLAdapter class
  • Research on match expressions
  • Research on noRows condition in update statement
  • Alter sort direction (always nulls first)

Week 8

  • Research on identity values in PostgreSQL (SERIAL and BIGSERIAL data types)
  • Research on type conversion
  • Research on Exceptions
  • Research on table and query HINTS

Week 9

Week 10-13

  • Code optimization
  • Testing code in Nexj Express Studio

Week 14

  • Code review with Nexj at Nexj location
  • Work on the issues pointed out by Nexj: optimizing the code, implement some methods differently (e.g. English independent).