Touch Interface Gaming

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Touch Interface Gaming


Thesis Statement


Can touch input displays improve game-play interface mechanics?


multi-touch interaction, direct manipulation, gesture, user interface, desktop games, games


Tangible play: research and design for tangible and tabletop games

RUSE game-play on Microsoft Table at E3-2009

An empirical evaluation of touch and tangible interfaces for tabletop displays.

Separability of spatial manipulations in multi-touch interfaces.

Exploring tangible and direct touch interfaces for manipulating 2D and 3D information on a digital table.

Designing user interfaces for multi-touch and surface-gesture devices.

Body-based interaction for desktop games

Bezel swipe: conflict-free scrolling and multiple selection on mobile touch screen devices

Direct-touch vs. mouse input for tabletop displays

Tangible interfaces for real-time 3D virtual environments

Contact area interaction with sliding widgets

Research Notes