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comments as I went along

what's going on??

here's what's on screen:

C:\mozilla\testing\performance\win32> config.yaml checking... Exist: Dir C:\mozilla\testing\performance\win32\base_profile Error... Dir doesn't Exist: C:\mozilla\testing\performance\win32\extension_perf_reports SystemExit : Error... Please check thatC:\mozilla\testing\performance\win32\extension_perf_reportsis created or exist or

change path in to correct path

checking... reading config.yaml checking... Values in config.yaml checking... Value of item in config.yaml: filename checking... filename: tom_s_test1 checking... Value of item in config.yaml: Firefox 1.5 checking... Values of preferences, extensions, firefox checking... preferences: {} checking... extensions: {} checking... firefox: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe checking... Value of item in config.yaml: title checking... title: Tom's first perf test processing... Performance Testing is starting

also, a popup keeps coming up saying to close firefox. but it's not visible. What happened is that the page telling me to close ff and change a setup in about:config changed. but when I went to about:config (using the link) ff died (or at least disappeared). I didn't close it.

Moe pointed out it's either norton or ieprivacykeeper.

as the tests run there is flickering on the screen but nothing is coming out on stdout.


win32 only? come on unix!

Setup Issues

This takes a *long* time.

Cygwin issues

Which parts of cygwin are needed?