The Life-cycle of a Bug

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Talk Details

  • Date: Oct 11, 2006
  • Speaker: Mike Connor, Mozilla Corporation
  • License: CC-BY-SA


Talk Outline

Part I

1:18Introduction of himself
1:45What is a bug?
3:55Bugzilla how bugs are described
4:30How to read a a bug in bugzilla
5:28How to deal with bugs in bugzilla
8:15Understanding bug numbers
9:17Firefox "won't fix" idea
14:07Prioritizing features, functionality and bugs
18:28blocker triage, workaround for bugs when released software is shipped
22:57When switching browser version causing bugs
24:25CVS patch
25:30Patches waiting for review
26:22Process of looking into a patch
28:50What point should a bug should be stopped fixing?
33:33When and how to rewrite the code
36:15Issues with rewriting code
37:00working in the open is different from close source view
42:15Open Source community contribution
47:55Writing patches which fixes the issue

Part II

0:00Major challenges facing by bug patching
3:23Second review of patches
8:22How does the Mozilla licenses related in the Rsesponsibilities of submitting a patch
10:37Are all patches reviewed?
14:33Automation to triage
16:16Last step of the life cycle: QA
23:25Ice Weezel
28:16Saying "No" to bug fixes
33:23Question from Dave Hamp-Gonzalves
38:17Tricks on finding a good first good