Testing of Canadian Banking and Financial Sites in Mozilla

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Project Name

Testing of Canadian Banking and Financial Sites in Mozilla

Project Description

This project will focus on improving the user experience at banking and other financial sites for Canadian Mozilla users. This includes determining which sites are relevant, insuring proper behavior for Firefox 3 on these sites, etc.

References: http://quality.mozilla.org/node/293

Project Leader(s)

Andrew Fung

Michael Szutu

Project Contributor(s)

  • armenzg: I use PresidentChoice, BMO and BMO Mosaik MasterCard if you need ;)
  • lsblakk: uses TD Canada Trust if you need someone to test that.
  • Kenneth Lee: I am one of few people that use HSBC. Let me know if you need anything.
  • AJ Rehman: I use RBC, let me know if you need anything tested out in regards to it.

Project Details

v 0.1 Goal

- create a survey for the class/school of their financial banking institution

- Get dummy accounts from banking institutions and, develop test cases.

Bugs Related to Project

INGDirect bug

Citibank login bug

RBC entry field bug

RBC pasting bug

HSBC bug

Project News

2007-09-17: Project claimed

2007-09-24: Contacted with Marcia Knous for more information.

2007-09-27: Talked with David Humphrey (dave) requesting for database account.

2007-10-04: Spoke with the Canadian Bankers Association to get info on lists of banks in Canada. They recommended looking at the lists here and here.

2007-10-15: Template of survey is created.

2007-11-19: Survey is completed and up and running with database, to participate click here.