Teams Winter 2011/team9/Lab5

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To familiarize developers with the Android Development Environment.
Take the currently existing Contacts App from the class example and add other functionality to it.

Setting Up The Environment

  1. Download Eclipse Classic
  2. Download the Android SDK
    • Remember where you saved it
  3. Open the Preference Window in Eclipse and go to the Android section and browse to the Android SDK location.
  4. Open the Android SDK and AVD Manager and Install the Galaxy Tab Package
    • Available Packages > Third party Add-ons > Samsung > GALAXY Tab
    • This will automatically download Android 2.2 API 8 because of the dependancy
  5. Set up a Virtual Device with 2.2 as the Target
    • Everything else can be left as default
  6. Run the Virtual Device
    • Be patient, the first load takes a few minutes.