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This tutorial walks thru creating a new RCP application with Eclipse, and how to have it ready to run with the correct configuration


Download Eclipse: There are two options. You can download the ready to go RAP Developer Eclipse version, or you can download EClipse Classic, and install the necessary packages to make it rcp-cabaple. For this tutorial, we did the second.

Creating the RCP Application

  • Start Eclipse
  • Create or select a workspace

Picture0 eclipse.png

  • Click on File -> New -> Project

Picture1 newProject.png

  • Select Plugin Development -> Plugin Project

Picture2 pluginProject.png

  • Give your project a name, click Next

Picture3 rcpLab.png

  • Select "Yes" to "Would you like to create a rich client application", Click Next

Picture4 yes.png

  • Select Hello RCP as a template

Picture5 helloRCP.png

  • Right click on the project -> Run As... -> Run Configurations

Picture6 runConfigurations.png

  • Select the plugins Tab, and select "Validate plugins automatically prior to launching"

Picture7 validate.png

  • After this, the project can be launched, and busines logic can be added to it thru new packages and classes

Picture8 package.png Picture9 class.png