Teams Winter 2011/team1/OSGI/Implement the Service Provider

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2. Implement the Service Provider

2.1. Create the provider bundle

The process of creating the bundle is almost the same as interface bundle. Here we just need an activator to register the bundle. So, when creating the new plug-in project, make sure to leave the Activator checked:

2.2. Register the service in the class Activator

Here is the implementation of the Activator class for registering the service:

2.2. Define the MANIFEST.MF for the service provider bundle.

In the manifest that is created during the process of creating the bundle, we need to import the service package.
Click on the MANIFEST.MF - > select the Dependencies tab -> click on Add to import a package:
Type in the name of the package of your interface. After it was selected click ok:

2.3. Install and run the Service Provider Bundle

Right click on MAINFEST.MF of the Provider, and go to Run A - > Run Configuration
Right click on OSGI Framework and click on New.
In the Workspace, check the interface bundle and the provider bundle.
Uncheck the Target Platform and click on Add Required Bundles, then check the Only show selected.
After you made sure configuration is fine, click on Run, you should see this message on the console (for this application):