Teams Winter 2011/team1/Android/Implement Delete Option

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5. Implement Delete Option

5.1. In the ContactList class add the following lines to the onOptionsItemSelected method:

            Student deleteStudent = (Student)contactsList.getSelectedItem();
            if (deleteStudent != null){
            } else {
                showDialog("No contact was selected!");               

5.2. Add the method to generate the dialog window to alert if no contact has been selected:

  public void showDialog(String message){
        AlertDialog alertDialog = new AlertDialog.Builder(this).create();

5.3. Run the application, select one student from the list, press menu and select "Delete Student":
A delete1.png
5.4. The list should get updated:
A delete2.png
5.5. Run the application again, but this time don't select any student and try to execute the delete option. You should get the following message:
A view2.png