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Adapting to the Human Instinct

Thesis Statement



  • "People have little desire to interact with a computer, and would rather resort to their instincts."


  • "People have little desire to learn how to interact with a computer, and would rather resort to instinctual movements."

As computer functionality increased, so has its complexity - except until now, where the whole game changes. Stop a moment and ponder where device design is going, and what underlying factors determine its future.


Video Games, Cellphones, iPhone, Nintendo, Controller design, Motion technology, Casual gaming



Research Notes

A study into the history of selected input devices, and how biological factors influence their future.

Prioritized Note Record


A wide collection of stories from consumers excited for Wii's (then-)new motion technology.

The Wii's design would later go on to revolutionize much of the gaming market. Inductive.


A brief introduction to iPhones, prior to their immense superiority in the marketplace.

The comparison is success can be used to segue into why it may have been so successful. Abductive.


A comprehensive list of Nintendo game consoles, with links to descriptions of each one.

Useful to provide information on the console design, with respect to user familiarity. Abductive .


Descriptive information detailing T9 and its design.

Revolutionized the method of texting that had been previously available at the time. Abductive.


A report on Angry Birds, a popular example of a game making use of swipe/touch technology on the iPhone.

Useful for witnessing some of the more popular forms of this technology. Deductive.

(Above are the initial resources. Additional will be used to more accurately tend to the thesis.)

Outline of Argument

  • Introduction
  • Introduce mediums in the past
    • Phones
    • Video games
    • etc
  • Demonstrate how things have changed
    • Touchscreens
    • Motion tech
    • Voice commands
  • Provide studies to compare and draw conclusions
  • Close
  • Take questions