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HCI for Games(User Interfaces)

Thesis Statement


Human Computer Interaction for Games. Taking note of innovations in gaming and applying them to further improve a design.


HCI, Customization, Community Involvement, Game Interfaces,Computer games,






Research Notes

What is HCI?

Human side of the communication and the effects that software design can have on that communication.

HCI is a multi-disciplinary field and in this sense does not work with its own, well-defined set of principles. The HCI designer draws on quite a few and quite diverse fields on knowledge:





cognitive science

graphic design

computer science

electrical engineering

Touchscreens, mice, improved icons etc designed to make it easier to accomplish things with computer.

Game UI- Interface designed for games. Includes menus, configuration screens, buttons etc.

Community Built- Participation by user through online comuunities and groups. For example, Model designers form their group. Games connect these people together.

Click Login and you are connected. Friends Lists. Clans, Teams, Avatars showing specific skills/abilities.

Learn Through Observation: Watch people better than you play, observer modes.

Customizability-Remapping controls, hud locations. Creating macros for certain commands, Mods and skins for more diversity.

Seamless Sytem Human Interaction: Less distraction , require less user attention.

Messages in game fade out, Audio cues