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Session Start: Wed Feb 16 21:33:31 2011
Session Ident: #typedef_Foo
�03[21:33] * Now talking in #typedef_Foo
[21:34] <Herman_Wu> hey wasup wil
[21:34] <Herman_Wu> i duno if fardad allow us, but i am calling his bio_printf functions ;O
[21:36] <Herman_Wu> oh wow nvm
[21:36] <Herman_Wu> totally used it in the weirdest way possible xD
[21:36] <Herman_Wu> i read const char* menuItem wrong
[21:36] <Herman_Wu> lol
�14[21:37] <wliang> i think we can use bio_printf
�14[21:37] <wliang> tho i don't see why
�14[21:37] <wliang> that's basically printf
[21:38] <Herman_Wu> bio_prnstr does the same thing atm
[21:38] <Herman_Wu> xD
[21:39] <Herman_Wu> i thought we are feeding input in
[21:39] <Herman_Wu> thats why lol
[21:39] <Herman_Wu> totally my misreading on the function parameter
[21:43] <swedwards> just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever actually talked to fardad on irc
[21:43] <swedwards> he never seems to be around when i'm on
[21:44] <Herman_Wu> nope
[21:44] <Herman_Wu> asoon as i figure out how to print the char i want properly im done displayMenu
[21:44] <Herman_Wu> well the void version anyways
�14[21:46] <wliang> i need some help
�14[21:46] <wliang> i've been stuck in must've been a very tiny bug that i could find
�14[21:46] <wliang> i need a coffee brea
�14[21:46] <wliang> lol
�14[21:46] <wliang> couldn't find
�14[21:47] <wliang> appearently i can't type now
[21:48] <Herman_Wu> lol
[21:48] <Herman_Wu> im having a flu and im still working
�14[21:50] <wliang> can someone check my branch/flag compile it and see why flag becomes 3 once u hit "space" ?
�14[21:50] <wliang> i really need coffee break i'll be back in about 20 mins or so
[21:50] <Herman_Wu> my " " becomes <
[21:50] <Herman_Wu> once i fix this i should be on a row too lol
[22:03] <Herman_Wu> fixed now going all out coding
[22:12] <Herman_Wu> If the length of menuItem is less than (len-2), then enough spaces will be printed up to make the length (len-2).
[22:12] <Herman_Wu> does that mean if len is 4 and the string is Hello
[22:12] <Herman_Wu> only Hel is printed?
[22:13] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> pretty sure yah
[22:13] <Herman_Wu> k
[22:14] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ok....
[22:14] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> insert works
[22:14] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> just fixing up overstrike
[22:14] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ...right key works too...mostly....
[22:15] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> cn't figure out why it keeps going post str len
[22:15] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> backspace works
[22:16] <swedwards> i couldn't figure that right key out either. i tried so many different things and i'm stumped
[22:21] <Herman_Wu> its in the bio.h
[22:21] <Herman_Wu> define key
[22:21] <Herman_Wu> lol
[22:22] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> uh...
[22:22] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> we can make the right key move the cursor....text..etc
[22:22] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> trying to figutre out why it goes past the end of the problem
[22:23] <Herman_Wu> i can help u once i figure out wtf he wants for the function
[22:23] <Herman_Wu> so confuse by that wording
[22:23] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ?edit function or menu?
[22:24] <Herman_Wu> my menu ;(
[22:24] <Herman_Wu> its the wording
[22:24] <Herman_Wu> my code compiles
[22:24] <Herman_Wu> i just duno wtf he wants
[22:24] <Herman_Wu> lol
[22:24] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ah
[22:24] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> i c
[22:32] <Herman_Wu> fardad isnt afk atm!
�14[22:35] <wliang> hi ppl
�14[22:36] <wliang> lol oop344 room is so active
[22:36] <Herman_Wu> hi
[22:36] <Herman_Wu> i know
[22:36] <Herman_Wu> done 1 function
[22:38] <Herman_Wu> okay
[22:38] <Herman_Wu> should i merge it to trunk?
[22:39] <Herman_Wu> or should i finish the other function firsat
[22:44] <Herman_Wu> gonna update the trunk
[22:44] <Herman_Wu> NO ONE DOES ANYTHING OKAY?
[22:44] <swedwards> got it.
[22:44] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> k
[22:45] <swedwards> i'm passing out here. i gotta go to sleep. i went to the lecture yesterday so i wont' be at school tomorrow.
[22:45] <swedwards> i'll be on here all day though.
[22:45] <swedwards> night guys.
�14[22:45] <wliang> yea merg the trunk
�14[22:46] <wliang> i'll marege after u
[22:46] <swedwards> exit
�02[22:46] * swedwards ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014]�)
[22:47] <Herman_Wu> wtf
[22:47] <Herman_Wu> dude
[22:47] <Herman_Wu> edit should not be in trunk
[22:47] <Herman_Wu> it doesnt compile
[22:49] <Herman_Wu> im gonna comment out bio_edit until it compiles
�14[22:50] <wliang> what happened
[22:50] <Herman_Wu> umm okay
[22:50] <Herman_Wu> im not gonna commit to trunk yet
[22:50] <Herman_Wu> but go try to checkout trunk
[22:51] <Herman_Wu> and see if u can compile it
[22:51] <Herman_Wu> its missing alot of stuff ;O
�14[22:51] <wliang> what platform u on?
[22:51] <Herman_Wu> i changed it to VC_WIN
[22:52] <Herman_Wu> i think ed and sean just merged the code and hope it worked
�14[22:53] <wliang> borland gave me 4 error
[22:53] <Herman_Wu> it shouldnt give error
[22:53] <Herman_Wu> im gonna take out bio_edit instead of commenting it out
[22:53] <Herman_Wu> that fine with you?
�14[22:53] <wliang> and tons of warnings
[22:53] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> um yah
�14[22:53] <wliang> well...have u worked with borland? one of the pickiest compiler i've seen
[22:53] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> when he put the code into trunk he missed some things
[22:54] <Herman_Wu> cpyStr is missing in bio_flag
�14[22:54] <wliang> is sean here?
�14[22:54] <wliang> or afk
[22:54] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> i'll merge a working version when if finish overstrke
[22:54] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> um....I'm Sean
[22:55] <Herman_Wu> bio.c(235): error C2065: 'cpyStr' : undeclared identifier
�14[22:55] <wliang> should 3 of us try to fix it? or just delete the lines?
[22:55] <Herman_Wu> hey will where is ur cpyStr declared in ur code
[22:56] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> Steven forgot to put that in
[22:56] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> give me a few minutes
[22:56] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> i'll test compile on linux win and borland
[22:56] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> the merge working code to trunk
[22:56] <Herman_Wu> it should compile in any platform at this point
[22:56] <Herman_Wu> lol
[22:57] <Herman_Wu> im just getting alot of undeclared stuff
�14[22:57] <wliang> i don't have cpyStr 0_o
[22:57] <Herman_Wu> 	free (cpyStr);
�14[22:59] <wliang> i see cpyStr in our trunk, but it waws never declared
[22:59] <Herman_Wu> are u able to compile with it?
�14[22:59] <wliang> nope
[23:00] <Herman_Wu> >_<
[23:01] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> my code has that fixed
[23:01] <Herman_Wu> ok sean update ur to trunk
[23:01] <Herman_Wu> then will
[23:01] <Herman_Wu> then me
�14[23:01] <wliang> frmo a glance just declare a pointer 
[23:02] <Herman_Wu> im just suprised trunk blows up on us lol
�14[23:02] <wliang> actually borland gives me warrings all the time from all the unused var
[23:04] <Herman_Wu> lol its borland thats why
�14[23:04] <wliang> question: if i want to do       validate ? true : false style
�14[23:05] <wliang> how to write it if false doesn't do anything
�14[23:05] <wliang> i only want to do something when it's true?
[23:05] <Herman_Wu> just leave it blank
[23:05] <Herman_Wu> or
[23:05] <Herman_Wu> just do
[23:05] <Herman_Wu> (validate && truecondition)
�14[23:05] <wliang> borland gave me need lvalue
[23:06] <Herman_Wu> like if x>1 x++ : nothing
�14[23:06] <wliang> i tried that ealier too and again!, borland gave me error
[23:06] <Herman_Wu> oh
[23:06] <Herman_Wu> borland compiler does that
[23:06] <Herman_Wu> it follows strict STRICT coding conventions
�14[23:06] <wliang> 10 lines of code on gcc bacomes like 20 lines on borland
[23:07] <Herman_Wu> yeah pretty much
[23:07] <Herman_Wu> and it doesnt let u allocate memory the lazy style
[23:07] <Herman_Wu> ;(
[23:07] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> Commiting To Trunk
�14[23:07] <wliang> x > 3 ? x = 0 : x = 1
�14[23:07] <wliang> do i need ; ?
�03[23:08] * Retrieving #typedef_Foo modes...
�14[23:09] <wliang> x > 3 ? x=0 : x=1;
�14[23:09] <wliang> x > 3 ? x=0 : x=1
�14[23:09] <wliang> which is correct?
[23:09] <Herman_Wu> 1st one
�14[23:09] <wliang> x > 3 ? x=0 :;
�14[23:10] <wliang> does that look right?
[23:10] <Herman_Wu> yup
[23:10] <Herman_Wu> according to
[23:10] <Herman_Wu> it should work
�14[23:11] <wliang> oh!
�14[23:12] <wliang> (x > 3 && printf("hi"))
�14[23:12] <wliang> that's how it works?
[23:12] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ok i merged my code into trunk
[23:12] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> in compiles on VC and BC
[23:12] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> didnn't try linux yet
�14[23:12] <wliang> want me to which to ubuntu?
[23:13] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> I'lll test on matrix
[23:13] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> just nned to upload
[23:14] <Herman_Wu> lol
[23:14] <Herman_Wu> ur code worked sean
[23:14] <Herman_Wu> but something is odd
[23:14] <Herman_Wu> its prolly a really fucked up logic or memory leak
[23:15] <Herman_Wu> because my VC went nuts
[23:15] <Herman_Wu> but will can u trunk ur code?
[23:15] <Herman_Wu> then i can do mine?
�14[23:15] <wliang> yea ok
�14[23:16] <wliang> commiting....
�14[23:18] <wliang> do i choose edit conflict?
�14[23:18] <wliang> or resolve later
[23:18] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> edit conflic
�14[23:18] <wliang> k
[23:18] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> resolve will put not working code in trunk
[23:19] <Herman_Wu> maybe im the one doing it wrong
[23:19] <Herman_Wu> all i do is checkout trunk
[23:19] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ?
[23:19] <Herman_Wu> copy/paste my code in it
[23:19] <Herman_Wu> commit
[23:19] <Herman_Wu> i never get that conflict / resolve thing ;O
[23:20] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> oh
[23:20] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> you never use merge
[23:20] <Herman_Wu> no because it messes up big time for me in the past
[23:20] <Herman_Wu> i used to create huge white space / out of no where comment ;p
[23:20] <Herman_Wu> maybe when i get a really really clean trunk upload one day xD
[23:21] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> btw
[23:21] <Herman_Wu> ?
[23:21] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> whats the last half of linux compile code
[23:21] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> to inluce that file
[23:21] <Herman_Wu> no idea ;O
[23:21] <Herman_Wu> ur the linux guy ;O
[23:21] <Herman_Wu> my pc is so crap it cant handle 2 os
[23:23] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ok it compiles on linx
[23:23] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> but there are warnings
[23:25] <Herman_Wu> it can be fixed tmr
�14[23:25] <wliang> cc bio.c biotest.c -lncurses
[23:25] <Herman_Wu> wil u finished trunk?
�14[23:25] <wliang> yea herman ur right, created sooo many white spaces
�14[23:26] <wliang> not yet, sorry, soon
[23:26] <Herman_Wu> np
[23:26] <Herman_Wu> im gonna finish up with bio_menuItem tmr
[23:26] <Herman_Wu> at least i got display done xD
[23:26] <Herman_Wu> u would all laugh at how ez it is when u see the code lol
�14[23:27] <wliang> so was flag
[23:27] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> GAH
�14[23:27] <wliang>  what do i do after conflict?
�14[23:27] <wliang> save file?
[23:27] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> yah
[23:27] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> once commit is done
[23:27] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> update
[23:27] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> and check that trunk comiples
[23:28] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> so you know it worked
�14[23:36] <wliang> i got 2 errors, unresolves external '__putch'........
�14[23:36] <wliang> and '__cputs'
[23:36] <Herman_Wu> :O
[23:36] <Herman_Wu> do u have the right platform and user?
�14[23:37] <wliang> lol! that's what i thought, but i open my branch to check the user so i didn't find out
[23:38] <Herman_Wu> weird
�14[23:41] <wliang> i got that error, i thought would becoz of platform, but i open the wrong folder to check bio.h so i didn't find what was wrong
�14[23:41] <wliang> i'm done, bc_win no error, pages of warings of course
[23:42] <Herman_Wu> heh
[23:42] <Herman_Wu> commited?
�14[23:43] <wliang> yup commited, i'm done
�14[23:44] <wliang> so i suppose of the code satisfy borland, then it should be great any other platform then
[23:46] <Herman_Wu> commited
[23:46] <Herman_Wu> check if it work for u guys
[23:47] <Herman_Wu> all code should work for all platform at this point
[23:47] <Herman_Wu> because we are calling the bio function to do platform dependant work
[23:49] <Herman_Wu> and seriously look at the code for the function, its like 99% done for me lol
[23:50] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it compiles in linux....
[23:50] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> just warnings
[23:50] <Herman_Wu> warnings are bad in linux
[23:53] <Herman_Wu> i dont even know how to test bio_menuItem
[23:53] <Herman_Wu> it makes 0 sense to me atm
[23:53] <Herman_Wu> duno what to feed it l*
[23:53] <Herman_Wu> ;(
�14[23:54] <wliang> no error on bc
�14[23:54] <wliang> i'm switching to linux, brb
Session Close: Wed Feb 16 23:54:23 2011

Session Start: Wed Feb 16 23:54:23 2011
Session Ident: #typedef_Foo
�02[23:54] * Disconnected
Session Close: Wed Feb 16 23:55:11 2011

Session Start: Thu Feb 17 00:45:31 2011
Session Ident: #typedef_Foo
�03[00:45] * Now talking in #typedef_Foo
[00:46] <Herman_Wu> sup wil
[00:46] <Herman_Wu> okay who needs help on thier function atm?
[00:47] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> well I can't say...since other than one thing...I;m not sure what all is missing or not working...
[00:47] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> without testing
[00:49] <Herman_Wu> well ur function what needs to be done to make it work
[00:49] <Herman_Wu> like test ur function and tell me which test is screws up at
[00:49] <Herman_Wu> remmeber u dont need to be in multiplatform anymore ;p
[00:49] <Herman_Wu> windows will just be fine
[00:49] <Herman_Wu> this cough syrup is making me more hyper due to the sweetness
[00:49] <Herman_Wu> -_-
[00:50] <Herman_Wu> african brand sea coconut cough medicine FAILS T_T
[00:50] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> lol
[00:50] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ok
[00:50] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> edit needs
[00:50] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> RIGHT_KEY to work properly
[00:50] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> and TextEditor is missing somethings
[00:51] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> Sec 1
[00:51] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> with multi line ofset
[00:51] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> and
[00:51] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> Sec 3
[00:51] <Herman_Wu> oaky
[00:51] <Herman_Wu> did u guys mapped out the function?
[00:51] <Herman_Wu> flow chart?
[00:52] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> he pretty much just did non ascii keys CASE
[00:52] <Herman_Wu> ok
[00:52] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> and i did evey thing else
[00:52] <Herman_Wu> who's branches should i go into to look at the code atm
[00:52] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> trunk has the latest version
[00:52] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> or you can look in mine
[00:52] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> under edit code v2
[00:53] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> you might have to update
[00:53] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> to see new code
Session Close: Thu Feb 17 01:04:19 2011

Session Start: Thu Feb 17 01:04:19 2011
Session Ident: #typedef_Foo
�02[01:04] * Disconnected
�02[01:04] * Attempting to rejoin channel #typedef_Foo
�03[01:04] * Rejoined channel #typedef_Foo
[01:05] <Herman_Wu> i dont see whats wrong with it
[01:05] <Herman_Wu> whats its suppose to do
[01:05] <Herman_Wu> it went all the way at to the right and thats it
[01:05] <Herman_Wu> unless its souppose to do something else
[01:05] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> the cursor cannpot go more than one space past the end of str
[01:06] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> hmmm
[01:06] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> i just noticed
[01:06] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> i don't think it's RIGHT_KEY
[01:07] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> but can't be sure
[01:08] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it almost seems to add spaces.....that aren't "space key"
[01:08] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> because you can backspace and remove it
[01:08] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> then can't go right
[01:08] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> but you cant type as though the str was that long
[01:09] <Herman_Wu> trying so hard to trace code
[01:10] <Herman_Wu> 2 person doing 1 function without breaking down into smaller function is hard to read
[01:10] <Herman_Wu> because u can so tell the logic are clashing
[01:10] <Herman_Wu> xD
[01:10] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> lol
[01:11] <Herman_Wu> WOW
[01:11] <Herman_Wu> figured it out
[01:11] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> k
[01:11] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> so what was causing it
[01:11] <Herman_Wu> (*offset + *curpos)
[01:11] <Herman_Wu> it should be (*offset + curpos)
[01:12] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> in the if for right_key?
[01:12] <Herman_Wu> then fix logic a bit and u got it
[01:12] <Herman_Wu> yup
[01:12] <Herman_Wu> try it
[01:12] <Herman_Wu> :)
[01:12] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> i did
[01:13] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> now the cussor can't get to the end of the str
[01:13] <Herman_Wu> because of ur logic
[01:13] <Herman_Wu> ;)
[01:13] <Herman_Wu> look at ur logic
[01:13] <Herman_Wu> and thats why it stops almost at tne end of the str
[01:13] <Herman_Wu> the*
[01:13] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> thats not my logic thanks
�14[01:14] <wliang> i fixed the keys in falg(), i'm gonna commit now
[01:14] <Herman_Wu> now look at ur left key xD
[01:14] <Herman_Wu> its how u guys are handling ur pointers ;(
[01:14] <Herman_Wu> its a mess to trace
[01:15] <Herman_Wu> i dont wanna go thru ur left key u can do that with vs
[01:15] <Herman_Wu> ^^
[01:15] <Herman_Wu> im sick and i cant sleep lol
[01:15] <Herman_Wu> slepy thru my whole afternoon once i got home :(
[01:16] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> uh
[01:16] <Herman_Wu> slept*
[01:16] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> LEFT_KEY
[01:16] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> is fardad's code
[01:16] <Herman_Wu> awwg
[01:16] <Herman_Wu> that means we gotta use that logic
[01:16] <Herman_Wu> that sux
[01:17] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> some of the code in there is his
[01:17] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> so I'm just working around it
[01:17] <Herman_Wu> k add that pointer back
[01:17] <Herman_Wu> if we have to use that left key
[01:19] <Herman_Wu> do that
[01:19] <Herman_Wu> (*offset)++;
[01:19] <Herman_Wu> commet it out
[01:19] <Herman_Wu> thats working around his logic
[01:20] <Herman_Wu> man this is simple stuff to fix(i havent read the function and wtf it needs to do but basing it on what u need so far)
[01:20] <Herman_Wu> its just sinmple tracing >_<
[01:20] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> uh coomenting out offset++ doesn't wrk
[01:21] <Herman_Wu> only if u move all the way to the left
[01:21] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> yah
[01:21] <Herman_Wu> commenting out stops at the end of displayed string
[01:21] <Herman_Wu> this is a huge HINT >_>
[01:22] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> no it stops becaues it can't scrooll the text
[01:22] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> not becase your at the end of str
[01:22] <Herman_Wu> now
[01:22] <Herman_Wu> if we add it back
[01:22] <Herman_Wu> it keeps going and doesnt stop
[01:22] <Herman_Wu> so
[01:22] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> yes because now it can scroll
[01:23] <Herman_Wu> insert logic to stop offset from going when it reaches that state
[01:23] <Herman_Wu> >_>
[01:23] <Herman_Wu> like do u know what im trying to say?
[01:23] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> hmmm
[01:23] <Herman_Wu> if turning off offset stops u from scrolling
[01:23] <Herman_Wu> and having it on giving u a huge scroll
[01:23] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> not sure exactly...but it gave me an idea to try
[01:23] <Herman_Wu> just insert a logic in there
[01:23] <Herman_Wu> to control it
[01:23] <Herman_Wu> ;)
[01:23] <Herman_Wu> i would call that FLAGGING
[01:23] <Herman_Wu> ^^
[01:24] <Herman_Wu> i can code some shit in there to make it work but u wont learn anything from that xD
[01:24] <Herman_Wu> i should scan u my paper full of tracing those stuff >_>
[01:24] <Herman_Wu> i wrote down 7 wtf!!! lol
�14[01:28] <wliang> ok committed the trunk now it passes all 9 tests
�14[01:31] <wliang> ok guys, i would like to help on edit but it's 1:30 right now and i'm waking up in less than 5 hours
�14[01:31] <wliang> i need sleep, lol
[01:31] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> lol
�14[01:32] <wliang> so am i the only one that is going to be in class tomor?
[01:34] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> no I should be there be there
�14[01:36] <wliang> btw, bio_edit seems to have mem leak? i don't think mem was freed
[01:40] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> hmmm
[01:40] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> i'll check that
[01:41] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ah i c it
[01:42] <Herman_Wu> yup no memory deallocation
[01:42] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> k fixed it
[01:43] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> I'll commit a working version to trunk before going to sleep
[01:44] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ah can we use strcpy
[01:44] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> or should I crete my own version of it
[01:49] <Herman_Wu> up to you
[01:50] <Herman_Wu> did u manage to get it working?
�14[01:50] <wliang> i am going to sleep now, waking up in 4 hours, bye
[01:50] <Herman_Wu> because its due tmr night lol
[01:50] <Herman_Wu> cya
[01:50] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> bfn
�02[01:50] * Herman_Wu ( Quit
�14[01:51] <wliang> was he talking to me?
[01:51] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> no me
�14[01:51] <wliang> oh
�14[01:51] <wliang> alrite
�14[01:51] <wliang> bye=)
Session Close: Thu Feb 17 01:51:29 2011