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November 22nd 2010

Meeting #2

(7:59:11 PM) daleee: 'ello
(7:59:27 PM) fardad_: Hi
(7:59:32 PM) danielSays: hello
(8:01:12 PM) chu7: hi
(8:01:21 PM) danielSays: aight, all here
(8:02:10 PM) fardad_: goody
(8:02:35 PM) fardad_: Team.h: you don't have the team member list in your team page :P
(8:03:12 PM) danielSays: Team tasks doesn't count? :P
(8:03:44 PM) fardad_: yeah, but have an official team member list with all you info,
(8:03:51 PM) fardad_: anyway...
(8:04:02 PM) fardad_: let check your repo and stuff,
(8:04:22 PM) fardad_: someone update me on where you stand, while I am updateing the repo
(8:04:34 PM) daleee: i just finished FWLabel
(8:04:38 PM) daleee: FWBorder is done
(8:04:43 PM) daleee: I believe FWField is done too
(8:04:47 PM) chu7: yup
(8:05:06 PM) daleee: trunk should reflect all of that
(8:06:11 PM) fardad_: ok guys, your team page does not have any info on your team any more :)
(8:06:24 PM) daleee: eh
(8:06:27 PM) daleee: hmm
(8:06:37 PM) danielSays: anymore?
(8:06:40 PM) fardad_: I asked you to add those stuff, not to overwrite the page with the project info
(8:06:46 PM) fardad_: what is yoru repo number?
(8:07:04 PM) daleee: svn:oop344_103rep8
(8:07:27 PM) fardad_: the your genral info says: best team ever !!!!!!
(8:07:29 PM) fardad_: he he
(8:07:37 PM) danielSays: yes
(8:07:38 PM) daleee: lol :p its true
(8:07:40 PM) fardad_: ok, let me update the repo
(8:08:11 PM) fardad_: anyway, please have all the DETAILED team infor, (name, irc nick, repo the whole thing....)
(8:08:20 PM) fardad_: on the teampage
(8:08:24 PM) danielSays: im not really clear what u want on the wiki specifically, is it posted anywhere?
(8:08:28 PM) ***fardad_ is updating the repo
(8:08:38 PM) fardad_: Common sense please
(8:08:43 PM) fardad_: it is your team page!!!
(8:08:50 PM) danielSays: lol ok
(8:09:02 PM) fardad_: it has to have two things, team info, the project the team is doing
(8:09:46 PM) fardad_: think of yourself as someone who wants to evaluate your work... so by going to your team page I should be able to find everything about your....
(8:09:51 PM) ***fardad_ is updating the repo
(8:10:17 PM) daleee: danielSays: steal template from team recompile
(8:10:23 PM) danielSays: team page is not the same as project development page right?
(8:10:38 PM) daleee:
(8:10:42 PM) daleee: ^^ team page
(8:10:51 PM) danielSays: and this is?
(8:11:01 PM) ***fardad_ likes the repo
(8:11:01 PM) chu7: added the team member and repo#
(8:11:14 PM) daleee: thanks carey
(8:11:40 PM) fardad_: daleee: I didn't want to have you create two, I asked everyone to use the team page as the project page too....
(8:11:41 PM) danielSays: im lost, isn't the team development page just to show our tasks and progress?
(8:12:05 PM) danielSays: ok, so we merge them then?
fardad fardad_ 
(8:12:06 PM) fardad_: ok let me see
(8:12:16 PM) daleee: fardad_: yah its the only page we have i think
(8:12:33 PM) daleee: the one linked under 'teams' anyway
(8:12:49 PM) danielSays: well, under student list, we have a link to team.h page
(8:13:00 PM) fardad_: let lme make things easy and clear.
(8:13:01 PM) daleee: oh
(8:13:04 PM) daleee: we'll change that then
(8:13:13 PM) fardad_: just make the information presented in a way
(8:13:23 PM) fardad_: that i can mark you, and I know who I am makring....
(8:13:32 PM) danielSays: fair enough
(8:13:35 PM) fardad_: keep that in mind and you will know what you need to have on the page
(8:13:37 PM) fardad_: any way
(8:13:43 PM) fardad_: the repo looks cool
(8:13:47 PM) fardad_: love the commenting
(8:13:55 PM) danielSays: xD
(8:13:56 PM) fardad_: let me check the stats
(8:14:46 PM) fardad_: chu7: you got problem with your commenting
(8:15:18 PM) fardad_: check karp's comments...
(8:15:24 PM) fardad_: that is how it supposed to be done
(8:15:31 PM) chu7: okay
(8:16:07 PM) fardad_: be more specific on what you commit, "fixed some errors" desn't tell me what your work is...
(8:16:12 PM) fardad_: any way
(8:16:13 PM) fardad_: now
(8:16:22 PM) fardad_: anyquestion on the project and tasks?
(8:16:43 PM) danielSays: in FWLabel
(8:17:00 PM) fardad_: aha?
(8:17:20 PM) danielSays: why are we passing void* str in the set() method?
(8:17:30 PM) danielSays: instead of char*
(8:17:32 PM) danielSays: string array
(8:17:43 PM) danielSays: i mean char array
(8:17:58 PM) fardad_: ok, let me open the projectr solution
(8:18:10 PM) daleee: updated student list
(8:18:12 PM) daleee: wqith proper team page
(8:18:46 PM) danielSays: thx
(8:19:23 PM) fardad_: danielSays: the reason set() is getting void* is that
(8:19:58 PM) fardad_: danielSays:  set() is a method to set the data of a Field right?
(8:20:02 PM) daleee: yes
(8:20:09 PM) danielSays: yeh
(8:20:33 PM) fardad_: danielSays: now the field can be many different FW objects.....
(8:20:55 PM) fardad_: the data of one is a string, another boolean and yet another an int
(8:21:11 PM) fardad_: so set has to have a signature that can recieve anytype of data
(8:21:14 PM) fardad_: which is
(8:21:17 PM) fardad_: void *
(8:21:28 PM) fardad_: so, when implementing the set
(8:21:44 PM) fardad_: you should assume the data passed through void*
(8:21:48 PM) danielSays: i see
(8:22:02 PM) fardad_: has the same type of the FW object, which in label is char*
(8:22:35 PM) fardad_: so first you cast void* to char* and then use it to set the label's data ....
(8:22:36 PM) danielSays: makes sense
(8:22:36 PM) fardad_: got it?
(8:23:10 PM) fardad_: any other question?
(8:23:16 PM) daleee: yeah we ended up using MemCpy for that
(8:23:22 PM) daleee: cuz it works with void*
(8:23:43 PM) fardad_: can't cause memcpy does not know where the end of string is
(8:23:48 PM) fardad_: just use good old strcpy
(8:23:57 PM) daleee: but you're supposed to copy up to _length chars
(8:23:59 PM) daleee: for set
(8:24:02 PM) daleee: so wouldnt that work?
(8:24:18 PM) fardad_: well, upto _lenght chars
(8:24:51 PM) daleee: yeah thats all set does i believe: "copies the string pointed by str upto _length characters to _data"
(8:25:12 PM) fardad_:  strncpy((char*)_data, (const char*)voidArf,_length);
(8:25:46 PM) fardad_: this copies up to _length but stops if it is shorter
(8:25:48 PM) fardad_: but
(8:25:57 PM) fardad_: memcopy works too
(8:26:49 PM) fardad_: when I think about it, cause it just copies the whole thing
(8:26:52 PM) daleee: w00t
(8:26:55 PM) daleee: yeah thats what i figured
(8:27:03 PM) fardad_: so no harm done
(8:27:11 PM) fardad_: wher is FWDialog?
(8:27:27 PM) danielSays: in the trunk
(8:27:43 PM) daleee: it isnt done yet
(8:27:50 PM) daleee: only Border, Field and Label
(8:27:53 PM) fardad_: I know...
(8:28:01 PM) fardad_: assiign it to someone and start it asap
(8:28:16 PM) daleee: who wants that? :p daniel?
(8:28:25 PM) danielSays: i can go for it this time
(8:28:46 PM) fardad_: goody
(8:28:47 PM) danielSays: i have all day tmr after 2 pm to work on it
(8:28:50 PM) fardad_: and spread the rest
(8:28:52 PM) fardad_: actually
(8:29:08 PM) fardad_: you can assign everything right now and getover it
(8:29:09 PM) fardad_: any way
(8:29:13 PM) daleee: yeah
(8:29:38 PM) fardad_: set the next appointment asap
(8:29:47 PM) fardad_: lets see if you can be done by sunday
(8:29:50 PM) fardad_: (the whole thing)
(8:29:53 PM) daleee: lol
(8:29:55 PM) daleee: okay
(8:30:07 PM) danielSays: lol
(8:30:29 PM) fardad_: if anyhelp was needed let me know
(8:30:33 PM) daleee: will do
(8:30:40 PM) daleee: thanks fardad
(8:30:45 PM) fardad_: and pick a part and let me do it as the fourth member of the team
(8:30:53 PM) danielSays: woohoo
(8:30:58 PM) fardad_: so add me to the member list and my responsiblity
(8:31:03 PM) danielSays: we'll give u the biggest part
(8:31:15 PM) fardad_: danielSays: nice try
(8:31:29 PM) ***danielSays whispers to daleee: "i bet he's gonna make mistakes and get us to fix it as practice"
(8:31:43 PM) fardad_: danielSays: you bet
(8:31:50 PM) danielSays: i knew it
(8:32:06 PM) fardad_: ok guys are we done?
(8:32:18 PM) daleee: yes
(8:32:23 PM) danielSays: yeh
(8:32:24 PM) ***fardad_ wonders why chu7 is so quite....
(8:32:26 PM) chu7: yeah i think so
(8:32:29 PM) daleee: lol
(8:32:38 PM) chu7: editing the wiki a bit
(8:32:48 PM) fardad_: chu7: cool
(8:32:51 PM) daleee: there are 6 classes left: lets divide them up 2 each
(8:32:56 PM) daleee: Daniel has FWDialog and ____
(8:32:57 PM) danielSays: whoo, looks nice, goodjob chu7
(8:33:04 PM) fardad_: see you next time, book you appointment and don't forget to assign me my task
(8:33:09 PM) danielSays: thx fardad, c ya
(8:33:13 PM) daleee: will do
(8:33:14 PM) daleee: cya
(8:33:17 PM) daleee: tomorrow
(8:33:20 PM) fardad_: cheers...
(8:33:23 PM) chu7: later
(8:33:28 PM) fardad_: l8r
(8:33:36 PM) danielSays: i have FWDialog and i'll take another small one :D
(8:33:39 PM) ***fardad_ is gone
(8:33:41 PM) daleee: ill do Button and ValEdit
(8:33:44 PM) fardad_ left the room (quit: Quit: I wanna go home; Take out this uniform and leave the show...).
(8:33:53 PM) chu7: alright, so check, button, dialog, lineedit and valedit left
(8:34:35 PM) daleee1: b;ej
(8:34:37 PM) daleee1: stupid irc
(8:34:44 PM) daleee1: so yes, me doing Button and ValEdit cool?
(8:35:09 PM) chu7: ok
(8:35:11 PM) danielSays: ok
(8:35:12 PM) chu7: so ill do check and
(8:35:42 PM) chu7: ill try line edit too
(8:35:42 PM) danielSays: dont forget to give one to fardad
(8:35:53 PM) daleee1: give line edit to fardad that one looks hard
(8:35:53 PM) daleee1: lol
(8:35:57 PM) danielSays: hehe
(8:36:21 PM) chu7: alright
(8:36:37 PM) daleee left the room (quit: Read error: Operation timed out).
(8:36:48 PM) daleee1: ill update wiki with irc log
(8:36:55 PM) danielSays: ok cool
(8:37:02 PM) danielSays: and everyone update ur current tasks
(8:37:04 PM) daleee1: when should next appt be
(8:38:14 PM) danielSays: hm
(8:38:21 PM) daleee1: im busy tomorrow & friday cuz of gf's birthday
(8:38:24 PM) daleee1: any other days im free
(8:38:34 PM) danielSays: wednesday?
(8:38:49 PM) danielSays: wednesday evening, liek 7 or 8?
(8:38:56 PM) chu7: thats good for me
(8:39:02 PM) daleee1: yep
(8:39:03 PM) daleee1: sounds good
(8:39:08 PM) danielSays: ok
(8:39:12 PM) danielSays: 7?
(8:39:15 PM) daleee1: sure
(8:39:37 PM) daleee1: some1 book & email
(8:39:37 PM) chu7: ya 7 is good
8:39:51 PM) danielSays: ok, i put on his IRC sheety
(8:39:53 PM) danielSays: sheet
(8:40:52 PM) daleee1: nice
(8:41:00 PM) daleee1: brb few min
(8:41:23 PM) danielSays: ok, lineedit = fardad
(8:41:39 PM) danielSays: button, valedit = dale
(8:42:16 PM) danielSays: check = carey
(8:42:20 PM) danielSays: and we dont have text yet
(8:42:34 PM) danielSays: brb, bathroom
(8:44:00 PM) chu7: ill do text as well then
(8:46:23 PM) danielSays: aight, we'll help out if we finish early
(8:53:33 PM) danielSays: i added fardad to our page
(8:59:37 PM) daleee: so we done?
(8:59:59 PM) danielSays: yeh
(9:00:03 PM) danielSays: i updated our tasks
(9:00:04 PM) daleee: aight
(9:00:11 PM) ***daleee slams gavel on desk
(9:00:11 PM) danielSays: so we remember wat does wat
(9:00:13 PM) daleee: meeting adjourned!

November 17th 2010 - Initial Meeting with Fardad

Meeting #1

(7:17:11 PM) fardad_: hello
(7:17:20 PM) daleee: hola
(7:17:22 PM) danielSays: hai
(7:17:26 PM) fardad_: hello, here I am...
(7:17:29 PM) daleee: huzzah!
(7:17:46 PM) daleee: that's right, i said huzzah
(7:17:51 PM) fardad_: every body is in?
(7:17:54 PM) danielSays: yes
(7:17:55 PM) daleee: yes
(7:17:56 PM) chu7: yeah
(7:18:08 PM) fardad_: Ok, who is the programmer between you?
(7:18:43 PM) fardad_: what a silence!!!!
(7:18:46 PM) daleee: aren't we all the programmers?
(7:18:46 PM) daleee: lol
(7:18:49 PM) danielSays: lol
(7:19:03 PM) daleee: i like coding. i dunno about danielSays or chu7
(7:19:11 PM) danielSays: me too
(7:19:13 PM) fardad_: Ok, lets put it this way
(7:19:27 PM) fardad_: who wants to be the one starting the project?
(7:19:42 PM) danielSays: whoever u pick :D
(7:19:49 PM) daleee: i would? lol
(7:19:54 PM) fardad_: ok good
(7:20:29 PM) fardad_: dalee, in 36 hours, comlete the FWBorder and test it with my tester program....
(7:20:36 PM) daleee: okay
(7:20:37 PM) daleee: lol
(7:20:48 PM) fardad_: what is the repo number?
(7:20:51 PM) danielSays: aw, i thought its gonna be something exciting, like rolling a die
(7:21:01 PM) fardad_: daleee: if you finsh earlier, It would be better for everyone....
(7:21:11 PM) daleee: ill try to finish it asap
(7:21:16 PM) fardad_: good
(7:21:16 PM) daleee: lol daniel
(7:21:22 PM) danielSays: i'll be around online, to help
(7:21:38 PM) daleee: nice... i may need a bit
(7:21:43 PM) daleee: we shall see
(7:22:28 PM) fardad_: danielSays: you will be working with daleee  if he needs help with any part (doing a method or something. you'll be the one.)
(7:22:38 PM) danielSays: gotcha
(7:22:39 PM) fardad_: is your 0.3 finalized?
(7:22:43 PM) daleee: yup
(7:22:53 PM) daleee: it is
(7:22:59 PM) fardad_: then.
(7:23:04 PM) fardad_: chu7: you are doing FWField
(7:23:10 PM) chu7: ok
(7:23:25 PM) fardad_: Just code, no testing until daleee  and danielSays are done
(7:23:56 PM) fardad_: but by the time they are done testing your class must be complete and ready for testing
(7:24:18 PM) chu7: okay, so finish in about 36 hours too
(7:25:03 PM) fardad_: actually both of you, try and bedone with it in 30
(7:25:23 PM) fardad_: you don't need more than 3 hours of programming to be done with them
(7:25:24 PM) danielSays: 28!
(7:25:49 PM) daleee: :p ill do it after work tomorrow
(7:25:57 PM) daleee: have it done by tomorrow night
(7:26:04 PM) fardad_: guys, just a second, I may get dc for moment
(7:26:20 PM) danielSays: ok
(7:26:22 PM) daleee: np
(7:27:06 PM) fardad_: ok then
(7:27:21 PM) fardad_: danielSays: you gotta do one more thing
(7:27:26 PM) danielSays: yeh
(7:27:40 PM) fardad_: update the wiki page to reflect the things you are doing
(7:27:41 PM) fardad_: ok?
(7:27:47 PM) fardad_: the team page I mean
(7:27:48 PM) danielSays: yes
(7:27:55 PM) danielSays: daleee has done most of it
(7:27:58 PM) daleee: lol woops
(7:28:00 PM) daleee: ill stop doing that
(7:28:01 PM) daleee: :p
(7:28:02 PM) danielSays: heh
(7:28:19 PM) daleee: last thing ill do is IRC log of this meeting
(7:28:22 PM) daleee: then you can do it :p
(7:28:23 PM) fardad_: chu7: you are responsible for booking the next meeting ok?
(7:28:30 PM) chu7: okay
(7:29:06 PM) fardad_: is everyone clear on what they are supposed to do?
(7:29:11 PM) danielSays: clear
(7:29:12 PM) chu7: yup
(7:29:16 PM) daleee: yes
(7:29:25 PM) fardad_: ok then
(7:29:43 PM) fardad_: any question?
(7:29:49 PM) daleee: none from me
(7:29:59 PM) danielSays: none for now
(7:30:01 PM) chu7: nope i'm ok
(7:30:33 PM) fardad_: ok then, cu next time ok?
(7:30:38 PM) daleee: yes... thanks!
(7:30:40 PM) danielSays: oki, bye