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Wednesday February 29th, 2012

[9:28PM] leolian

Are you still meeting now?

[9:41PM] Terrawing

yea sure

[9:41PM] Terrawing: i guess it's just me and you [9:41PM] leolian

where are others?

[9:42PM] Terrawing

well richard said to tell him what happens after cuz he has to meet up with someone

[9:42PM] leolian

Is the meeting delayed?

[9:42PM] Terrawing

those 2 guys didn't respond

[9:42PM] Terrawing: to the email either [9:42PM] Terrawing: well which parts are left [9:42PM] Terrawing: because [9:42PM] Terrawing: if those 2 guys don't respond or do anything [9:42PM] Terrawing: we'll have to finisht hat part [9:42PM] Terrawing: for the program to run [9:43PM] leolian

So those two guys will not do their part,right?

[9:43PM] Terrawing

well from what we're seeing now, they didn't do anything yet

[9:43PM] Terrawing: because we sent the email sunday [9:43PM] Terrawing: it's like 2 days before it's due [9:43PM] Terrawing: should at lease respond to the email [9:43PM] Terrawing: by now [9:43PM] leolian

Yes, we need to talk to fardad this situation

[9:44PM] Terrawing

we can tell him later but we gotta finish the missing part first

[9:44PM] Terrawing: regardless [9:44PM] leolian

No problem, it's just a small part for them, we can do it by ourselves.

[9:45PM] Terrawing

i forgot, was it the draw?

[9:45PM] Terrawing: or the adds functions? [9:45PM] leolian

draw function

[9:45PM] leolian: Ok, honghui and I will do the draw function, you two finish the add function [9:45PM] leolian: Is it ok? [9:46PM] Terrawing

isn't the operators

[9:46PM] Terrawing: part of the add? [9:46PM] leolian

Yes, the 2 add function and 2 operator function are just 1 add function actually

[9:47PM] Terrawing

yea i guess me and richard we'll do those "4" functions

[9:47PM] Terrawing: you guys can finisht he draw [9:47PM] Terrawing: since u have the edit already [9:48PM] leolian

ok, I have no problem, I can finish the draw function by tomorrow

[9:48PM] Terrawing

let's say by tomorrow night

[9:48PM] Terrawing: we'll merge everything [9:48PM] Terrawing: than we can all take a look if it works or not [9:48PM] Terrawing: when debugging [9:49PM] leolian

Who will do the merging task and debug all the parts from us?

[9:49PM] Terrawing

we'll all do it because we did this with split parts

[9:49PM] Terrawing: the faster we figure out what's wrong [9:49PM] Terrawing: we can hand it in [9:50PM] Terrawing: oh btw [9:50PM] Terrawing: do you guys have a functional cdialog that does nothing but return nothing? [9:50PM] Terrawing: because our stuff technically works [9:50PM] Terrawing: but i think me and richard aren't returning the "nothing" properly [9:51PM] leolian

but we cannot debug all the part by al of us. How can we finish the debug work?

[9:52PM] leolian: no, I donot have such a functional cdialog. [9:53PM] Terrawing

i suggest we all debug because if anything, you know your own part better than anyone else

[9:53PM] Terrawing: if one person does the debug, he has to ask everyone what that function does [9:53PM] Terrawing: and etc [9:53PM] Terrawing: it's gonna take forever [9:54PM] Terrawing: unless ur some pro or something lol [9:54PM] leolian

Do you mean we neee to meet together to debug the code?

[9:54PM] Terrawing

more the less the debug will be thursday night, friday afternoon and such

[9:55PM] Terrawing: just merge everything tot he main trunk [9:55PM] Terrawing: everyone takes a copy [9:55PM] Terrawing: and debug it [9:55PM] Terrawing: at home [9:56PM] leolian

I donot know if it is a good method that everyone debug the code, but we can have a try for this way.

[9:57PM] leolian: Ok, let's prepare for other missing functions tonight and meet on tomorrow morning in the class. [9:58PM] Terrawing

so draw, int add x 2, and operator << x 2

[9:58PM] Terrawing: those other ones i guess anyone can do [9:59PM] Terrawing: it just returns as it is [9:59PM] leolian

Yes, draw - 1 function, (int add x 2, and operator << x 2) another 1 function

[9:59PM] leolian: others are very easy, just one line code. [9:59PM] Terrawing

yea that's pretty much it, i'll let richard know when he gets back

[10:00PM] Terrawing: that we are doing those 4 functions [10:00PM] Terrawing: prob meet again tomorrow night 8 or 9 [10:00PM] Terrawing: than we can merge the thing to the main trunk [10:00PM] Terrawing: and see where it goes [10:01PM] leolian

ok, tomorrow at 9:00pm. But firstly, we will meet at the class on tomorrow morning.

[10:02PM] Terrawing

well he's just gonna explain about the test i think

[10:02PM] Terrawing: if i read that email right [10:02PM] Terrawing: yea we'll see [10:02PM] Terrawing: tomorrow morning [10:02PM] Terrawing: as wel [10:02PM] leolian

Maybe, but I think he will teach something new and test them in the following test.

[10:03PM] Terrawing

as for those 2, worry about that after, we just have to finish the assignment first

[10:05PM] leolian

Yes. I think the project is easy until now. So we do not nned to worry about it. We have time to finish it.

[10:08PM] Terrawing

okay i guess not much more we can talk about this meeting, gonna log it now

Sunday February 26th, 2012

[6:56PM] leolian joined the chat room. (6:56PM) [6:56PM] Terrawing

just waiting for the others

[6:57PM] leolian

Hehe, I'm coming.

[6:57PM] Terrawing

im just watching the video someone posted last class so i remember what fardad said about each class

[6:58PM] Terrawing: while we wait [6:59PM] leolian

Where are other guys?

[6:59PM] Terrawing

i msged hong, and richard is here

[6:59PM] Rhuynh3 joined the chat room. (6:59PM) [7:01PM] leolian

Ok, but where are thr other two guys? We have not seen them for some time.

[7:01PM] Terrawing

i sent them an email

[7:01PM] Terrawing: i don't know where they are [7:01PM] Terrawing: ... [7:01PM] leolian


[7:01PM] Terrawing

ah man the video gets cut off

[7:01PM] Terrawing: for the cframe [7:01PM] Rhuynh3


[7:01PM] Rhuynh3: chenhong is in teh other channel [7:01PM] Rhuynh3: err oop channel [7:02PM] Terrawing

i msged hiom

[7:02PM] leolian

Ok, we can wait for him

[7:02PM] Rhuynh3


[7:03PM] Terrawing

unless you remember what the 2nd half of cframe does

[7:03PM] Terrawing: do explain [7:03PM] Terrawing: well the public methods [7:05PM] Rhuynh3

well wait till the othr guy get here

[7:06PM] leolian

Ok, I message to honghui, but I have not received message from him.

[7:12PM] Terrawing


[7:15PM] Terrawing: gonna grab something to eat first [7:16PM] leolian


[7:24PM] Terrawing

ok back

[7:27PM] Rhuynh3

hong seem to have a lot of trouble entering this channel lol

[7:27PM] Rhuynh3: o nvm [7:27PM] Terrawing

did you tell him to /join

[7:27PM] Rhuynh3

he left

[7:27PM] Rhuynh3: yea [7:27PM] Terrawing

or is it the internet

[7:27PM] Rhuynh3

hes having some network problem i think

[7:28PM] Rhuynh3: ahh well [7:28PM] Rhuynh3: lets just get this started [7:28PM] Rhuynh3: since u need to go soon [7:28PM] Terrawing


[7:28PM] Terrawing: my friend didn't msg me yet on what's the plan [7:28PM] Terrawing: so right now [7:28PM] Terrawing: nothing is happening [7:28PM] Terrawing: so i don't have to go anywhere yet [7:29PM] Terrawing: that's why im watchig teh videos [7:29PM] Terrawing: right now [7:29PM] Rhuynh3


[7:29PM] leolian

I do not know why he does not join this room. Maybe he does not know how to join the romm.

[7:29PM] Rhuynh3

i mean we've been here for half an hour

[7:29PM] Rhuynh3: that cant be [7:29PM] Rhuynh3: he knows how to join the oop channel [7:30PM] Terrawing

he raged quit

[7:30PM] Rhuynh3

its the same thing cept you change #seneca-oop344 to #willchannel lol

[7:30PM] Terrawing


[7:31PM] leolian

I'm not sure. Should we start now?

[7:31PM] Terrawing


[7:32PM] Terrawing: well fardad said in the video it takes 20 mins to write the entire clbabel [7:32PM] Rhuynh3

yea lets start

[7:32PM] Terrawing


[7:32PM] Rhuynh3

if you know how it works

[7:32PM] leolian

Yes, clabel is very easy, I have finished it by myself

[7:32PM] Terrawing

he said it's just a string to display to to the user

[7:33PM] Terrawing: you wrote the test main urself to test it? [7:33PM] Terrawing: or u combined it witht he assginment 2? [7:34PM] leolian

I haven't test it yet, maybe tonight I will test it. I just try to figure out how to finish the cdialog through clabel.

[7:37PM] Terrawing

im not sure if it is written inthe assginment

[7:37PM] Terrawing: but are we touching the cfield? [7:37PM] Terrawing: i mean the methods [7:37PM] Terrawing: the member pointer variable i know we have to use by inheritance [7:38PM] leolian

Yes, we need to use the void pointer _data

[7:38PM] Terrawing

and what about the public methods?

[7:39PM] Rhuynh3

wait do we grab everything from the trunk into our own branches?

[7:39PM] leolian

They are just some functions that store the strings and draw the strings

[7:39PM] leolian: Yes, we work in our own branches [7:40PM] Rhuynh3


[7:41PM] Rhuynh3: and you already finish teh Clabel [7:42PM] Rhuynh3: so the only thing left to do is the CDialogue? [7:42PM] Terrawing

he said he didn't test it yet

[7:43PM] Rhuynh3

yea but all that is left to do is just testing it

[7:43PM] Rhuynh3: so we dont need to create another version of CLabel [7:43PM] Rhuynh3: we can just use his one [7:43PM] Rhuynh3: and we'll divide the work for CDialogue [7:43PM] leolian

Yes, I have finished coding the clabel,and tonight I will test it

[7:44PM] leolian: And we can focus on the cdialog class [7:44PM] Rhuynh3

yea... great job btw :D

[7:44PM] Terrawing

kinda want to know what the clabel does first lol

[7:44PM] leolian

It's a hard work for cdialog.

[7:44PM] Rhuynh3

CLabel just labels the frames

[7:45PM] leolian

who is kinda?

[7:45PM] Rhuynh3

so if you want to know what frame is what frame you can call the "label" of it

[7:45PM] Terrawing

there is a draw function there

[7:45PM] Terrawing: im not getting it [7:45PM] Rhuynh3

kinda is a slang for "kind of"

[7:45PM] leolian

Yes, clabel is just an information label to show some information to users.

[7:46PM] leolian: It can not be edited. [7:46PM] Rhuynh3

it tells the user the name/label of the frame

[7:46PM] leolian

Oh, I got it.

[7:46PM] Rhuynh3


[7:46PM] Terrawing

you talking about the draw?

[7:46PM] Rhuynh3

no im talking about CLabel

[7:46PM] Rhuynh3: Draw just draws the frame [7:47PM] Terrawing

it says it's passing a string though

[7:47PM] leolian

Yes, draw just draw the frame for the label or the dialog

[7:48PM] leolian: Yes, the information string is stored in the clabel [7:48PM] leolian: actually, it is stored in the void pointer _data [7:48PM] Terrawing

you mean the infromation about the frame in a string is stored in the pointer

[7:48PM] Terrawing: ? [7:49PM] leolian

Any information you want to show to the user. Not just the frame information.

[7:49PM] Terrawing

i see

[7:50PM] Rhuynh3

what is a void pointer?

[7:50PM] Terrawing

can be used to stored anything

[7:50PM] leolian

So there may be many clabel objects in the cframe object.

[7:50PM] Rhuynh3

oo ok

[7:51PM] Terrawing

it's in the video

[7:51PM] Terrawing: at lease that part didn't get cut out [7:53PM] Rhuynh3


[7:54PM] Rhuynh3: where is C_Full_frame coming from? [7:54PM] leolian

So how can we divide the cdialog class. I just received the call from honghui. He cannot connect to us because of the internet issue.

[7:55PM] Terrawing

uhh let me check cuz some of them just returns a value and nothing more

[7:55PM] leolian

C_FULL_FRAME is defined in the cuigh.h

[7:55PM] Rhuynh3

ahh ok i see it

[7:56PM] Rhuynh3: thanks [7:57PM] Terrawing


[7:57PM] Terrawing: editable, fieldnum, curindex and curfield looks like [7:58PM] Terrawing: it just returns 1 thing [7:59PM] leolian

Yes, the difficult parts are just constructor, edit, and draw functions

[7:59PM] Terrawing

im trying to figure out how to split this sex

[7:59PM] Rhuynh3


[7:59PM] Terrawing


[7:59PM] Rhuynh3


[7:59PM] Terrawing

yo the x and c

[7:59PM] Terrawing: are next to each other [7:59PM] Terrawing: relax [7:59PM] Rhuynh3

of course

[8:00PM] Rhuynh3: anway.. so those 3 are the main functions [8:00PM] Rhuynh3: theres 6 of us [8:00PM] Terrawing

1 function per 2

[8:00PM] Rhuynh3


[8:01PM] Terrawing

okay we can do that

[8:01PM] Terrawing: plus one of the returns [8:01PM] Terrawing: each [8:01PM] Rhuynh3


[8:01PM] leolian

Oh, there is another function add

[8:03PM] Rhuynh3

hmm that doesnt seem too bad

[8:03PM] Rhuynh3: you just add one to fnum [8:03PM] Rhuynh3: ok [8:04PM] Rhuynh3: so how bout for the constructor/deconstructer Will and I will do that [8:04PM] Rhuynh3: LEo and hong will do edit [8:04PM] Rhuynh3: and ill email the two guy to do draw [8:04PM] Rhuynh3: for the add functions [8:05PM] Terrawing

if the adds take longer

[8:05PM] Terrawing: just split 1 per 2 [8:05PM] Rhuynh3

Will and I will do : int add(CField* field, bool dynamic = true);

[8:05PM] Rhuynh3: Leo and Hong will do int add(CField* field, bool dynamic = false);? [8:06PM] Terrawing

i guess we're leaving the operators to those 2

[8:06PM] Rhuynh3

operator just calls the add function

[8:06PM] leolian

They are just the same functions, we only need to finish int add(CField* field, bool dynamic = true);

[8:06PM] Rhuynh3


[8:06PM] Terrawing

than we'll just give themt he operators and the rest

[8:06PM] Terrawing: becauase the rest [8:06PM] Terrawing: just returns [8:06PM] Rhuynh3

those 4 function are basically the same lol

[8:07PM] Terrawing

and have nothing else

[8:07PM] Terrawing: w/e just do 1 and compare [8:07PM] Terrawing: after [8:07PM] Terrawing: with each other [8:07PM] Rhuynh3


[8:07PM] leolian

the edit function is a big task for this class

[8:07PM] Rhuynh3


[8:07PM] Terrawing

if we finish before u guys than we'll help

[8:07PM] leolian

Professor said the most of the work for this class is edit function...

[8:07PM] Terrawing

the con/des

[8:08PM] Rhuynh3

yea we'll definitely help

[8:08PM] Rhuynh3: after we finish [8:08PM] Rhuynh3: doesnt make sense to watch one of your own drown lol [8:08PM] Terrawing

im already drowning yo

[8:08PM] Rhuynh3


[8:08PM] leolian

Ok, So Honghui and I will do the edit part

[8:08PM] Terrawing

this is so confusing

[8:08PM] Rhuynh3

Will and I got constructor/deconstructer

[8:08PM] Rhuynh3: the 2 guy got draw [8:09PM] Terrawing

just email those 2 if they finish fast

[8:09PM] Terrawing: to help out on edit as well [8:09PM] Terrawing: same with us [8:09PM] Rhuynh3

for the single line return statement we'll just do them as we finish the main ones

[8:09PM] Rhuynh3: ok [8:09PM] Rhuynh3: so everything sounds good? [8:09PM] leolian

Terry, you notice this by sending the email to everyone

[8:09PM] Rhuynh3


[8:09PM] Rhuynh3: terry? [8:09PM] leolian

Ok, I have no problem

[8:10PM] Rhuynh3

ok cool

[8:10PM] Rhuynh3: Ill send an email [8:10PM] Terrawing

let's put a deadline first

[8:10PM] Terrawing: wednesday night? [8:10PM] Terrawing: as far as you can [8:10PM] Terrawing: so let's meet up on irc again on wednesday [8:10PM] Terrawing: that way [8:10PM] Rhuynh3

i was thinking thursday so we got Friday to fix any test

[8:11PM] Terrawing

we can all see what's going on

[8:11PM] Terrawing: and if we have any problems [8:11PM] Rhuynh3

alright Wednesday fine too

[8:11PM] Terrawing

we can talk to fardad

[8:11PM] Terrawing: on thursday [8:11PM] Terrawing: morning [8:11PM] Rhuynh3


[8:11PM] Rhuynh3: sounds good [8:11PM] Terrawing

thinga ma jig

[8:11PM] leolian

Ok, I'll try to finish it on Wednesday.

[8:11PM] Rhuynh3

i might be out on Wednesday just a heads up

[8:11PM] Terrawing

i said wed night

[8:11PM] Rhuynh3

yea exactly lol

[8:12PM] Terrawing

then we'll have the meeting at 12 am

[8:12PM] Terrawing: aight? [8:12PM] leolian

Yes, if we have any problem or question, we have time to ask fardad

[8:12PM] Terrawing


[8:12PM] Rhuynh3


[8:12PM] Rhuynh3: sounds good [8:12PM] Terrawing

technically that is thursday

[8:12PM] leolian


[8:12PM] Rhuynh3


[8:12PM] Rhuynh3: so meeting adjourned? [8:12PM] Terrawing

yes wednesday at 8 9 10

[8:12PM] Terrawing: wjatever [8:12PM] Terrawing: u want [8:12PM] Terrawing: idc [8:12PM] Rhuynh3

we'll do it at 10

[8:13PM] Rhuynh3: is that ok with you Leo? [8:13PM] leolian

You mean On Thursday morning at 10?

[8:14PM] leolian: Or Wednesday morning at 10? [8:14PM] Rhuynh3

wednesday night at 10pm

[8:14PM] Terrawing

wednesday night

[8:14PM] Terrawing: thursday we have that online class [8:15PM] leolian

We will have meeting at 10:00pm? I think it's too late.

[8:15PM] leolian: 8 or 9 may be better. [8:15PM] Rhuynh3

do you want to try 9?

[8:15PM] Rhuynh3: ok 9 [8:15PM] leolian

ok, 9pm

[8:15PM] Terrawing

9 i guess

[8:15PM] Terrawing: tell hong [8:16PM] leolian

When you send email to nnotice the task, you can notice the next IRC meeting schedule also.

[8:17PM] Rhuynh3


[8:18PM] Rhuynh3: so are we giving the other 2 guys [8:18PM] Rhuynh3: Draw() and the add()? [8:18PM] Terrawing

just draw first

[8:18PM] Terrawing: i kinda want to know what add is doing so maybe we can all take a crack at it [8:18PM] Terrawing: when the big parts are done [8:18PM] Rhuynh3


[8:18PM] Rhuynh3: ok [8:19PM] leolian


[8:20PM] Terrawing

okay i'm gonna log this if we're done

[8:20PM] Rhuynh3

Ok the meeting is done and this is what we have:

[8:20PM] Rhuynh3: Leo has completed CLabel by himself (woo for him :D) [8:20PM] Rhuynh3: so the only part we need to finish now is just the CDialogue [8:20PM] Rhuynh3: CDialogue has 3 main methods/functions: [8:20PM] Rhuynh3: 1. Constructor/deconstructor [8:20PM] Rhuynh3: 2. void draw(int fn = C_FULL_FRAME); [8:20PM] Rhuynh3: 3. int edit(int fn = C_FULL_FRAME); [8:20PM] Rhuynh3: and other small functions that should be done within a few lines [8:20PM] Rhuynh3: so we divided into groups of 2s [8:20PM] Rhuynh3: Will and I got the Constructor/deconstructor [8:20PM] Rhuynh3: Chris and Kamen has: void draw(int fn = C_FULL_FRAME); [8:20PM] Rhuynh3: and finally Leo and Hong will have :int edit(int fn = C_FULL_FRAME); [8:21PM] Terrawing

man now i gotta copy and paste again

[8:21PM] Rhuynh3

lol same here

[8:21PM] Rhuynh3: i got own with spam [8:21PM] Rhuynh3: lol [8:21PM] Rhuynh3: ill just send the email [8:21PM] Rhuynh3: correct anything if you need to guys

Sunday February 19th, 2012

[7:46PM] Rhuynh3 joined the chat room. (7:46PM) [7:46PM] Rhuynh3


[7:46PM] Terrawing


[7:47PM] Terrawing: LA LA [7:48PM] Rhuynh3


[7:48PM] leolian joined the chat room. (7:48PM) [7:48PM] Terrawing


[7:49PM] Rhuynh3


[7:49PM] leolian

Ok, I need to find how to join a new channel

[7:49PM] leolian: Now it's ok [7:49PM] Terrawing

you don't have hong's number?

[7:49PM] leolian

Hey, Richard

[7:50PM] Rhuynh3

HEy Leo, hows it going?

[7:51PM] Terrawing

hey Leo can you put your console.cpp and .h files into the trunk because

[7:51PM] Terrawing: i think we all agree to use ur version [7:51PM] Terrawing: don't need to leave it in the tag [7:52PM] leolian

Ok, I will do it later. Now, there are only three people here, how do we start the meeting?

[7:53PM] Terrawing

first thing first is to know what exactly are we doing

[7:53PM] Terrawing: im reading the assignment, what the heck we making? [7:53PM] Terrawing: i tried the testframe [7:53PM] Terrawing: is is exactlyy like that? [7:54PM] leolian

No. I have finished the testFrame part and tag them.

[7:54PM] leolian: Now, we need to finish the step two. [7:54PM] Terrawing

i meant like the r0.1 version where it says to just compile the testframe.cpp

[7:54PM] Terrawing: to the console files you got [7:55PM] leolian

Develop CLabel class and CDialog class.

[7:55PM] leolian: Using Test2DialogAndLabel.cpp [7:56PM] Rhuynh3

we use that to see if our definitions are correct right?

[7:56PM] leolian

Yes. And finish the compilation.

[7:57PM] Rhuynh3

ahh ok

[7:57PM] Terrawing


[7:57PM] Terrawing: english [7:57PM] Terrawing: lol [7:58PM] leolian

But I have read the instruction several times, and I don't understand how to write the two classes yet. Have you had any ideas?

[7:59PM] Terrawing

I think it wants you to follow exactly what it says

[7:59PM] Terrawing: those little comments [7:59PM] Rhuynh3

nah thats where im having trouble

[7:59PM] Terrawing

I just don't know how to

[7:59PM] Rhuynh3

i cant seem to figure out what the two class suppose to do..

[7:59PM] Terrawing

put this together

[7:59PM] Rhuynh3

I hope fardad explain this on Thursday and extend the assignment...

[8:00PM] Rhuynh3: He never explain anything about this assignment :S [8:00PM] leolian

Yes, I think we need to research the CField class and CFrame class because our classes are inherited from these two classes.

[8:00PM] Terrawing

prob should just bug him on irc

[8:00PM] Terrawing: now [8:01PM] leolian

Yes, I think we need professor's instruction

[8:02PM] Terrawing

there's so much stuff in cframe

[8:02PM] Terrawing: i don't even know what it is doing [8:02PM] Rhuynh3

Fardads not on IRC

[8:02PM] Terrawing

looks like a walkthrough of a 2 hour exam

[8:03PM] Terrawing: farlog is him [8:03PM] Terrawing: i think [8:04PM] Terrawing: im gonna email him right now, cuz I don't know how to even start this [8:04PM] Terrawing: think all of us should email him, than we get a faster response [8:05PM] leolian

I think CLabel class is a little easy, maybe we can start from this class and get familliar with the other class

[8:06PM] Rhuynh3


[8:08PM] Terrawing

Im reading the constructors and stuff, it looks kinda like what we did last class on Thursday

[8:08PM] leolian

there are 8 functions and no attributes in CLabel class. maybe we can finish this class first then we switch to CDialog together

[8:09PM] Terrawing

The thing is, what are we compiling this with? If all this is doing is allocating memory and no output, don't know if what im doing is correct

[8:09PM] leolian

otherwise, directly go into CDialog class, I have no idea about this class and don't know where I can start with.

[8:11PM] leolian: I think for each function, we need to write our own test function to make sure it can work properly. [8:12PM] Rhuynh3


[8:12PM] leolian

We cannot write all the functions and then test them. It's hard to find where the error is.

[8:12PM] Rhuynh3


[8:13PM] Terrawing

so i guess we're making our own main and just test 1 function at a time

[8:13PM] Terrawing: if that is what you mean [8:14PM] leolian

Yes, I think so. Just leave other functions return 0 or something valid.

[8:15PM] Terrawing

i see

[8:16PM] Terrawing: if that's the case the c label really has no work almost [8:16PM] Terrawing: besides the constructor [8:16PM] leolian

When one function works properly, then switch to next function.

[8:16PM] Terrawing

the methods just returns 0 and stuff

[8:18PM] leolian

If you write the constructor, then you can make other functions return 0 and stuff. then write the test function to make sure the constructor work properly.

[8:18PM] leolian: Then continue next function with the proper constructor function. [8:18PM] leolian: That's what I mean. [8:19PM] Terrawing

yea I think that is the best thing we can do right now with the instructions being so vagued

[8:20PM] leolian

Yes, we can finish what we can do first. Then if we have other questions, we can ask for professor's help.

[8:20PM] Terrawing

so how you want to split this?

[8:20PM] Terrawing: between 6 of us i guess [8:21PM] Rhuynh3

just for

[8:21PM] Terrawing

cuz that clabel doesn't have anyhting

[8:21PM] Rhuynh3


[8:21PM] Terrawing


[8:21PM] Terrawing: lol [8:21PM] Rhuynh3

or Dialogue

[8:21PM] Terrawing


[8:21PM] Rhuynh3


[8:21PM] Terrawing

i don't even know what the dialogue does yet no pt getting to it

[8:21PM] Terrawing: at lease the label is understandable with the instructions [8:21PM] Rhuynh3

theres not much u can do with the constructor/deconstructor

[8:22PM] Rhuynh3: its just 4 functions [8:22PM] leolian

I have no idea because I have no idea how to start with the CDialog class.

[8:22PM] Terrawing

well since me and richard signed up for that part, maybe we can both try doing it and understand what the hell c label is doing

[8:23PM] Terrawing: than take it from there if we have to explain it [8:23PM] Terrawing: the clabel part i mean [8:23PM] Rhuynh3

yea guess we can do that

[8:23PM] Terrawing

Prob can try emailing fardad for cdialogue

[8:24PM] Terrawing: and what the hell it is suppose to do [8:24PM] Terrawing: since that is the most marks coming from [8:24PM] Rhuynh3

if you're gonna email him

[8:24PM] Rhuynh3: just ask him for both [8:24PM] Terrawing

you emailing him?

[8:24PM] Rhuynh3

yea ill email him

[8:24PM] Terrawing

just cc us

[8:24PM] Terrawing: hopefully he will reply all [8:24PM] Rhuynh3

idk what u mean by CC lol

[8:25PM] Rhuynh3: maybe you should do the emailing lol [8:25PM] Terrawing

put us in the email so we get a copy of the question

[8:25PM] Terrawing: ur asking him [8:25PM] Terrawing: so when he responds hopefully he will email all of us the answer [8:25PM] Terrawing: if he reply all [8:26PM] Terrawing: is he on the campus on tuesday? [8:26PM] Terrawing: better to just ask him in person [8:27PM] leolian

yeah, but I think it's better to send him an email first

[8:28PM] Terrawing

shit he's only in mon and thurs

[8:28PM] Terrawing: yea email it is. [8:28PM] Terrawing: So you emailing him Richard? [8:28PM] leolian

I will continue to study the CDialog and try to understand the CDialog instruction tonight

[8:29PM] Terrawing

you finished DBS already? haha

[8:30PM] leolian

Not yet. But it's stiil a group assignment. I don't need to finish them all by myself. Haha.

[8:30PM] Rhuynh3

yea im emalingi him now

[8:30PM] Rhuynh3: Hey Fardad, [8:30PM] Rhuynh3: we got a few questions about Assignment 2. We read the Assignment over and over again and we're still confuse on what we are suppose to do can you give us a quick run down in laymen what is the end product and what each class is suppose to do? [8:30PM] Rhuynh3: sounds good? [8:31PM] Terrawing

add in what clabel is suppose to do and cdialog?

[8:31PM] leolian

I think we just need to ask him about the CDialog class since CLabel class is easy.

[8:32PM] Rhuynh3


[8:32PM] Terrawing

I guess i'm the one that is going to log this chat

[8:33PM] leolian

I think we need to express that we studied the instruction and can understand some easy parts and cannot understand some difficult parts.

[8:33PM] Rhuynh3

ok sent

[8:33PM] leolian

ok, thanks Richard