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(22:12:59) (psupreme) Okay so I guess we can start now.
(22:13:36) (psupreme) What are you guys interested in doing based on what Chris discussed in the meeting and your comfort level?
(22:13:57) (psupreme) I would like to do World Loading/Rendering to start
(22:14:13) (Muhammad_) hmmmm
(22:14:51) (psupreme) That would have to get done fairly fast so that you all have something to work off of.
(22:14:57) (psupreme) I think I can whip it up this weekend.
(22:15:24) (psupreme) Jesse said he was interested in HUD/Dialogs. Still interested jas1137?
(22:15:36) (Muhammad_) camera placement and movement sounds interesting
(22:15:58) (psupreme) ok
(22:16:06) (Muhammad_) however im not to sure about my comfort level seeing as how we just started it in class
(22:16:17) (psupreme) Our camera in this game is *very* simple.
(22:16:26) (Muhammad_) lol
(22:16:35) (Muhammad_) well thats comforting
(22:16:38) (psupreme) As is right now, it will be fixed at 4 points in the level. Looking towards the center.
(22:16:53) (Muhammad_) but yeah ill take a swing at that
(22:17:07) (Muhammad_) worse comes to worse I can request assistence from you guys
(22:17:17) (Muhammad_) but i should be arite
(22:17:27) (psupreme) I had an idea that we can expand on for the camera, instead of fixed on the four pole locations, Perhaps we could rotate it around smoothly? I think I'll add it to secondary priority list.
(22:17:46) (psupreme) rgr
(22:18:24) (Muhammad_) as for the user start dialog
(22:18:38) (Muhammad_) what did you guys mean by make it "more user friendly"
(22:18:41) (Muhammad_) ?
(22:18:44) (jas1137) uh, i was interested in the hud/dialog if you guys wanted a really nice in-game dialogue like most games use today
(22:19:08) (Muhammad_) ummmm in not sure how that would come to be
(22:19:08) (jas1137) but it seems like a lot of work just to get that going
(22:19:52) (Muhammad_) another thing i would be interested in is the user input
(22:20:11) (psupreme) Sure
(22:20:24) (psupreme) We do have to leave some room for Hardik
(22:20:38) (psupreme) Wan't me to fill in the slots we just mentioned on the wiki?
(22:20:49) (Muhammad_) sure
(22:20:55) (jas1137) would be nice ;)
(22:21:05) (psupreme) first come first serve :)
(22:22:43) (psupreme) updated
(22:22:47) (psupreme)*#To-Do_List
(22:23:16) (Muhammad_) COOL
(22:23:35) (psupreme) I guess I can do lighting and sound aswell.
(22:23:52) (psupreme) And leave the tower stuff to Hardik?
(22:24:01) (Muhammad_) yeah wasnt sure what to say about that seeing as how we havent touched upon it in class
(22:24:17) (psupreme) Lighting and sound would be for after the 1st checkup
(22:24:26) (psupreme) Perhaps I should just stick that in priority 2
(22:24:47) (Muhammad_) win/lose condition sounds easy
(22:24:57) (psupreme) Yes it is
(22:25:35) (Muhammad_) soooooo i guess ill take that
(22:25:45) (psupreme) Enemies, Tower Building, Tower AI will be a good challenge if you're interested in any of those
(22:26:10) (Muhammad_) ummm
(22:26:20) (Muhammad_) i think Hardik would like those :)
(22:26:22) (psupreme) lol
(22:26:46) (psupreme) jas1137 interested in any of the 3? Enemies, Tower Building, Tower AI
(22:26:52) (Muhammad_) cause im not sure what kinda programing that required
(22:27:02) (jas1137) All three of course ;)
(22:27:07) (Muhammad_) i mean didnt you guys metion something about importing those from 3D max?
(22:27:28) (psupreme) Ok I'll do tower building
(22:27:35) (psupreme) no problem. Ties in with the world
(22:28:03) (psupreme) Tower AI and Enemies would be relatively straightforward.
(22:28:39) (psupreme) Tower AI, loop through all enemies in a radius of tower, get closest enemy, fire projectile towards enemy. On contact, -= 10; or something
(22:29:13) (psupreme) Enemies, the world will have a list of nodes indicating the correct path that the enemies will follow to get to the end. The enemy class will just follow this path.
(22:29:25) (Muhammad_) sure put me down for the AI
(22:29:25) (psupreme) Enemies also includes the waves and bosses
(22:29:41) (psupreme) hmm
(22:29:46) (psupreme) what about Hardik? haha
(22:29:50) (Muhammad_) ugh
(22:29:54) (Muhammad_) fine give it to him :)
(22:30:03) (jas1137) lol
(22:30:15) (Muhammad_) he'll have a nice suprise when he comes home and checks the wiki
(22:30:37) (psupreme) I'll move sound to priority 2
(22:30:45) (psupreme) keep lighting in priority 1 for hardik I guess
(22:34:06) (Muhammad_) if your putting sound in priority list 2 you can put my name beside it
(22:34:32) (Muhammad_) i guess if theres time i could figure it out
(22:34:41) (psupreme) we'll see what happens. I won't put any names down for Priority 2 yet
(22:34:54) (Muhammad_) ah arite
(22:38:03) (psupreme) Enemies
(22:38:03) (psupreme) Towers AI
(22:38:03) (psupreme) Lighting
(22:38:03) (psupreme) Win/Lose Condition
(22:38:08) (psupreme) That is what's left.
(22:38:20) (Muhammad_) i got win/lose
(22:38:27) (psupreme) rgr
(22:38:38) (Muhammad_) lighting one of you said hardik
(22:38:41) (Muhammad_) whats rgr?
(22:38:46) (Muhammad_) roger?
(22:38:48) (psupreme) yep
(22:38:57) (Muhammad_) ouuuu
(22:39:20) (Muhammad_) Tower AI is like the physics of the tower?
(22:39:42) (psupreme) physics of the balls that the tower shoots I guess
(22:39:49) (Muhammad_) oh
(22:39:54) (Muhammad_) sounds interesting
(22:40:01) (Muhammad_) well lighitng is super easy ?
(22:40:12) (psupreme) *should* be. I dunno about lighting yet
(22:40:12) (Muhammad_) you just place a light in the game world
(22:40:24) (Muhammad_) so give Tower AI to hardik as well
(22:41:12) (psupreme) yeah
(22:41:15) (psupreme) adding beef to it first
(22:41:39) (psupreme) should beef up all the priorities really. make it much more readable
(22:41:39) (Muhammad_) mmmmm beef
(22:43:02) (psupreme) some of the requirements depend on eachother
(22:43:13) (psupreme) like I can't do Tower Building without you finishing User Input
(22:43:14) (jas1137) which is bad lol
(22:43:30) (Muhammad_) hmm
(22:43:43) (Muhammad_) I thought user input was like controls...?
(22:43:46) (psupreme) Yeah
(22:43:53) (psupreme) Can't move the cursor around without controls
(22:43:59) (psupreme) The order I placed them in is roughly the order they should be completed in
(22:44:14) (psupreme) Hence, world loading/ rendering first. Since you can't do anything really without that.
(22:44:48) (Muhammad_) ohhh
(22:45:27) (Muhammad_) we should set deadlines as well then
(22:49:32) (psupreme) Jesse please exagerate what you're going to do for HUD and Dialog if you have any idea right now.
(22:49:44) (jas1137) So do you guys want a really nice looking/complex dialog?
(22:49:54) (jas1137) something like
(22:50:30) (Muhammad_) would be nice
(22:50:32) (psupreme) I personally think more time should be spent on the game and less on the menu/dialog.
(22:51:44) (psupreme) HUD is very important though
(22:51:47) (jas1137) well the other option would be to slap together a basic dialog like unity. Nothing fancy and all drop down lists.
(22:52:36) (Muhammad_) so does that mean HUD is going in priority list 2?
(22:52:58) (jas1137) HUD is def priority 1
(22:53:40) (psupreme) yeah, hud is game
(22:53:53) (Muhammad_) oh so its staying?
(22:54:09) (psupreme) ofcourse. without hud, we just have a... camera?
(22:54:29) (jas1137) we need to view scores, money, waves, etc.
(22:54:37) (Muhammad_) ops
(22:54:38) (Muhammad_) ment
(22:54:42) (Muhammad_) the fancy dialog
(22:55:05) (psupreme) I think we'll just do a Unity esque dialog. If we have enough time at the end we can spiff it up
(22:55:15) (jas1137) alright.
(22:55:19) (Muhammad_) that sounds about right
(22:57:04) (psupreme) guys
(22:57:07) (psupreme) quick question
(22:57:13) (psupreme) 1 life or 20 lives?
(22:57:24) (jas1137) 100hp?
(22:57:26) (jas1137) lol
(22:57:36) (psupreme) If an enemy makes it to the end of the passage? 1 life lost
(22:57:44) (Muhammad_) i like hp
(22:57:44) (jas1137) or 10 hp lost
(22:57:50) (jas1137) :P
(22:57:52) (psupreme) rgr
(22:59:45) (psupreme) jas1137 can you whip up a POC for the HUD?
(23:00:57) (jas1137) poc?
(23:01:02) (psupreme) proof of concept
(23:01:19) (jas1137) we're going for a cyber theme right? I guess I can design something neat. What sort of information will the HUD display though?
(23:01:30) (psupreme) sec
(23:01:33) (psupreme) about to update wiki
(23:01:37) (psupreme) with beef
(23:01:42) (jas1137) i guess it doesn't really matter, since it's a proof of concept i'll just list the basics down like wave and lives/score
(23:02:02) (jas1137) gotta whip out the whiteboard again :P
(23:03:02) (psupreme) okay
(23:03:02) (psupreme)*#To-Do_List
(23:03:16) (psupreme) Added information that I could come up with on the top of my head that is relevant
(23:03:29) (psupreme) Should make it more clear for you guys on what your tasks would be in that step
(23:05:04) (Muhammad_) ouuu looks good
(23:05:22) (Muhammad_) you forgot to add guy number 4's name
(23:05:45) (psupreme) yes but I have no clue what he's comfortable with
(23:06:13) (psupreme) don't want to assign him all those 3 tasks without knowing he can or can not do em
(23:07:03) (Muhammad_) ay ay captain :)
(23:07:34) (jas1137) some could probably use two people.
(23:07:44) (psupreme) ^
(23:07:47) (jas1137) i mean, enemies and tower/ai is like the bulk of the game
(23:08:06) (Muhammad_) go on
(23:08:11) (psupreme) yes, do go on
(23:08:14) (jas1137) and whoever is doing enemies has to come up with some sort of node system as well.
(23:08:33) (psupreme) I think I will build the node system in file format/world
(23:08:37) (Muhammad_) aritr so for now give number 4 lighting
(23:08:42) (psupreme) and the enemy class will just have to know how to use it
(23:08:46) (Muhammad_) and umm for AI umm
(23:09:11) (psupreme) world.GetNextNode(_currentNode);
(23:09:13) (psupreme) or something
(23:09:26) (psupreme) enemy.Move(world.GetNextNode(enemy.currentNode));
(23:09:55) (Muhammad_) so two people you want?
(23:10:55) (psupreme) Muhammad_? jas1137? Interested?
(23:11:02) (jas1137) in?
(23:11:12) (psupreme) splitting one of those 3 with hardik
(23:11:41) (psupreme) Hardik doing *most* of the work. But you two offering guidance and a second set of eyes
(23:12:05) (jas1137) i guess i'll work on enemies as well. Though i think we should come up with some strong interfaces for the important classes like towers and enemies. Something we can all agree on and works with our proposal.
(23:12:37) (jas1137) as a group
(23:12:41) (psupreme) the interfaces for tonight?
(23:12:56) (jas1137) hmm?
(23:13:33) (psupreme) design them tonight?
(23:13:49) (Muhammad_) lol design what tonight :O
(23:13:59) (jas1137) it's a little late :P
(23:14:04) (psupreme) ok
(23:14:13) (Muhammad_) yeah i gotta test tomrorow
(23:14:34) (psupreme) okay final check'
(23:14:37) (psupreme)*#To-Do_List
(23:14:49) (psupreme) and this meeting is adjourned.
(23:14:51) (jas1137) i think we should group up again some time soon and work out the finer details for the proposal and interfaces :D
(23:15:05) (jas1137) then we can all get to work on our parts
(23:15:14) (psupreme) yeah
(23:15:32) (Muhammad_) yeah
(23:15:36) (Muhammad_) ummm
(23:15:43) (Muhammad_) hows the weekend sound?
(23:15:55) (psupreme) yes
(23:16:05) (jas1137) lol
(23:16:09) (psupreme) I'll be working on my first part on the weekend
(23:16:38) (Muhammad_) yeah and we can gettogther saturday or sunday night,here again, to do that other stuff you mentioned
(23:16:48) (psupreme) mmhm
(23:17:16) (jas1137) alright
(23:17:22) (Muhammad_) arite
(23:17:27) (psupreme) alright
(23:17:31) (psupreme) -------------------------------
(23:17:33) (psupreme) meeting over.