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The goals section currently reads:

  • 0.1 Research on what type of distribution can be used to run on both ARM and x86_64/i386 systems.
  • 0.2 Take the 0.1 release and make any changes or correction that need to be done and test it.
  • 0.3 Finalize the package release.

These goals are incomplete. You need to:

  1. Identify who is doing what.
  2. Be a lot more specific.
  3. Describe what will be released.

So this section should read something like:

Release goals for John:

  • 0.1 Release initial versions of the foo-server and bar-client packages.
  • 0.2 Release the final versions of the foo-server and bar-client packages which meet the Fedora Packaging Guidelines, and submit these for package review in Fedora.
  • 0.3 Final versions of foo-server and bar-client are shipping in Fedora, incorporating any changes required by the Fedora package review process.

Please correct this section by Wed, Oct 31.

- Chris Tyler 09:27, 29 October 2012 (EDT)