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Please edit the Project plan


Your current goals read:

Goals for each release and plans for reaching those goals: 0.1: Release a list of packages that will be included in the different remixes 0.2: Make and test the fedora remix on the GuruPlug server 0.3: Publish the different fedora remixes.

This does not clearly identify what is being released for 0.1 and 0.2 and is not aggressive enough (you need to do more work earlier on in order to complete this in time). I recommend that you release the remix three times, improving it each time. Also, if there are any packages you need for your remix and those packages are not yet in Fedora, you should have them packaged in rough form for 0.1, in a form suitable for package review by 0.2, and have them fully through package review by 0.3.

In order to make this useful for future users, you'll need to either publish your compose scripts, or more usefully, use a kickstart-based compose -- if you need help with this please let me know; I might bring in Paul Whalen for a guest lecture.

Please update the goal section by Wednesday, October 31.

- Chris Tyler 09:37, 29 October 2012 (EDT)