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Eva Comment on the documentation

  • Do I need to read the Readme.txt by Annie Sullivan? It didn’t specify? Are you putting an assumption there? If you are not assuming the user already read the text file, tell them to read it first.
  • “The scripts all run from Python 2.4. You will need the windows version (not the cygwin version).” When I clicked on the link, it sent me to download right away. Should I be testing this using IE instead? I was wondering why you make that notice when I don’t even have to pick. If you are worry other people want to find their download and make sure that they got the right version. Specify that too.
  • ???For Python Win32 Extensions installation, I noticed this is an extension for Python 2.4 that I downloaded earlier. So does it has to be located in the same directory as the Python 2.4? Does the installer check rather or not u have the python already? If it check, so is that mean it will put the extension in where the python is for sure? I just want to make sure these. If those thing are not sure, I think you might want to consider telling the user to make sure the extension is located here Python 2.4 is.
  • For the Config, I think you should tell he user to GO TO those path to see if the necessary item exists with the same path or not. If not Fix the path. For example, I have a PerformanceTesting directory in between mozilla and testing directory. In my case, I either remove the PerformanceTesting directory or add PermanceTesting to my path.
  • CAUTION: This is where I hit the part I must ask you question to keep going
For firefox: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1\firefox.exe
in the config.yaml. I do not have Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1, I only have Mozilla Firefox. In that case, should I change my path or should I download the version you have. In your instruction you just said check that your firefox path is right. You didn’t say what to do if it is not right.
  • Instruction 5. didn’t mention use what to run the file? Cmd or cygwin?
  • How long the after you run the test should be mention. 10 – 15mins depends on the processor speed.
  • In your page, it didn’t mention how to handle error or problem encounter, if you have mentioned this in separate page, aren’t you suppose to have a link somewhere for that? Because if I got that problem I will not be able to continue and I might not know what to do to finish the performance testing.
  • It's not clear whether i'm supposed to exit firefox before starting - andrew