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After a brief discussion with Humphrey, it seems that the URL bar can be quite useful. Perhaps we shouldn't take it out.

This project's ultimate potential may be as a tool that runs games across multiple platforms. I could create a game, send you a copy, and all you'd need to run it is a computer and the portable canvas program.

Herein lies a bottleneck. If the portable canvas can only grab canvas demos from, then all games must be approved before appearing on and consequently must be approved to be distributed to portable canvas users.

On top of this, games may require a connection to a database server to provide a character-building element. The SQL queries must be contained in an html; it'd be ridiculous to ask the canvas element to do SQL. And, it'd be almost equally ridiculous to put foreign html files on for security and favoritism reasons.

If portable canvas keeps its ability to navigate to URLs outside of, we can solve the distribution problem. Users can host their solutions on their own servers and simply provide the URL.