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Standard Directories


Email ID 1

Backspace bug
Right key


Fix Segmentation Fault at exit

Email ID 3

  • Create home directories for team members using your Seneca email ID
  • Under each home directory, there will be several directories for tasks being done on the project
  • These directories are copies of trunk for different goals


  • Tags are snapshots of successful stages of the project
  • Each tag is called a release
  • Each tag is a copy of trunk
  • Each tag also should hold one directory called submission logs
  • In submission logs each student will have a file named as "emailid.txt"




  • Holds the current status of the project
  • Latest compiled and working version of the project
  • Should always be able to compile

How to work with trunk

  • In your team page you have a trunk status section
    • In your trunk status section you have two major information
    • 1- Status of the trunk (committed, committing)
    • 2- The identity of the person who did commit or is committing
      1. Before committing or merging your code to trunk, make sure your version is compiled and working
      2. Update your trunk to make sure it has all the changes, others made
      3. Make sure the status is NOT committing; if it is, wait for it to be changed to committed
      4. If status is committed, change it to committing and update the identity part with your information
      5. Start merging your changes to trunk
      6. Resolve possible conflicts
      7. Compile again to make sure everything is ok
      8. Do the final commit
      9. Change the status to committed

Important commands


  • Is the first thing you do to get a copy of the repository


  • It is to mark a new file or directory (be selective) to be added to the repository at next commit


  • Is to bring changes from the repository to your local copy


  • Is to get a non-versioned copy of part or whole repository


  • Copies local file/directories to a repository