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DPS909 and OSD600 Fall 2013 Project List

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Please put your name beside the project(s) you think sound interesting. I've put the names of possible Mozilla mentors in square brackets.
# HTML Bleaching in JavaScript (see [jbuck, Pomax] (Mohamed Baig)(Nitin Prakash) (Shavauhn Gabay)
# DOM diff'ing in Thimble (see [Pomax, jbuck] (Elsi Nushaj)
# Updated API for Webmaker Login, User Creation (see [sedge]
# RTL (Right To Left) localization work (Arabic, Hebrew) [ali, igor, gvn, cappleton] (Nitin Prakash)
# Localize Webmaker in a new language [ali, igor]
# Improve Webmaker for Mobile/Tablets [gvn, cappleton]

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