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OPS235 Lab 4 19

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{{Admon/caution|THIS IS AN OLD VERSION OF THE LAB|'''This is an archived version. Do not use this in your OPS235 course.'''}}
=LVM Continued / User & Group Management=
'''Please read this page to get an overview of LVM:'''<br /><br />
:* [[Logical Volume Management]] ('''Note:''' It is recommended to return to this guide as a reference when performing the next several investigations)
:* [ Using the RPM Utility]:* [ Using the YUM Utility]
= Storage Setup (prior to starting Lab 4) =
/dev/vda2 vg_fedora3 lvm2 a- 9.80G 3.83G
* '''f17host f19host (i.e. "disk pack")'''
Four PVs, minimum VG size 60G
== Investigation 3: How can I use LVM to manage storage on my disk pack? ==
'''On your <u>f17hostf19host</u> (i.e. "disk pack"), using your choice of the GUI and/or command-line tools:'''
# Create a new logical partition ('''NOT a logical volume!''') - minimum 5G, leaving at least 10G free space in the extended partition.
# Add that partition as a PV into the existing VG (using the commands you used in the previous investigation).
== Investigation 5: Adding users ==
{{Admon/note|Use f17hostf19host|Perform these steps in the '''f17hostf19host''' system. Due to a configuration issue, these steps may not work normally in the fedora1 virtual host (previous versions of this lab used fedora1 for this investigation).}}
# Read the man page for the useradd command.

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