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OPS235 Lab 1 19

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<li>Ignore the "'''New Fedora 19 Installation'''" section. Instead, Click the "'''Fedora Linux 19 for X86_64'''" to expand the section. Delete each partition in that section by clicking on each partition (eg. /, /home. swap), and click the minus button "-" on the bottom left-hand-side to delete and verify that you want to delete those partitions.</li>
<li>When all the partitions are removed, click on the plus sign on the bottom left-hand-side to create your partitions.
On your hard drive you will need to create at least the following partitions. These may be primary partitions or logical drives. If you have more space than 160GB 250GB available - you can add the extra space in equal parts to '''/home''' and '''/var/lib/libvirt/images'''</li>
<ul><li>'''50GB''' for '''/''' (i.e. "root")</li>
<li>'''500 MB''' for '''/boot'''</li>

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