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OPS235 Lab 1 19

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# To check the network configuration settings obtained from the DHCP server, run the following commands, describing the output in your log book:
#* '''ifconfig'''(look for a connection like "'''em1'''" - this should be your network interface for your machine).
#* '''route'''
#* '''nslookup''' (at the > prompt, enter the word "server" (do not type the quotes) and record the output. Type exit to leave nslookup).<br /><br />
#* '''MAC address''' (physical or hardware address) of the ethernet network interface
#* '''Subnet mask'''
#* '''The IP address''' (logical address) assigned by the DHCP server(record both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses. We will discuss IPV4 vs IPV6 in lab6...)
#* '''The default route''' (gateway)
#* '''The DNS nameserver'''

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