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OPS235 Lab 1 19

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{{Admon/tip |Consider Remaining Lab Time Prior to Performing Upgrade|'''Carefully check the remaining time in your lab prior to performing an upgrade on the operating system'''. It can take 30 - 90 minutes to perform an upgrade...}}
<ol>{{Admon/tip |Updating Fedora|The Fedora software <li value="18">Since your installation DVD is updated frequently to add features, fix bugsan image (picture frozen in time), your Fedora 19 distribution may be lacking important fixes and upgrade securityenhancements. '''Perform a system We will now perform an update to get the latest versions of the packages installed in Fedora: Start . First, you must start the Firefox web browser, turn off popup window blocking (select ''Edit>Preferences'', then select the Content tab and uncheck un-check the box to Block Popups), then login to SeneNET. Open a terminal and type <code/li>su</codeli> Switch to start a your bash shell as root. Enter terminal, and issue the command : <code>'''yum update'''</code>''' This will download and install all of the packages that have been updated since the installation DVD image was created. If you complete this command at Seneca it should run quite fast as Seneca College hosts a Fedora Repository mirror (a copy of all of the current fedora packages, on a local web server).}}</li></ol>
'''Answer the Investigation 2 observations / questions in your lab log book.'''

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