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OPS235 Lab 1 19

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<li value="1316">Copy the installation log file <code>'''/root/installps.loglst'''</code> and the file from your '''ps.lst/root''' directory to a USB memory key, (or use the '''scp''' command to backup the ps.lst file to your matrix account as a backup).</li>
{{Admon/tip |Backup up to your USB Key|When your USB key is inserted into your computer, the device is recognised and assigned a name. You can view your USB drive by issuing the command <code>ls /run/media/yourusername</code> and view the mounted devices. Then you can issue a Linux command as "super-user" to copy the files to your USB device.}}
<li value="1417">View the section below to learn about and perform an update on your fresh Fedora install (you may have to find spare time to perform this install if you are running short on lab time). '''Do <u>not</u> proceed to Investigation 3 without performing an update'''.</li>

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