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OPS235 Lab 1 19

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==Investigation 2: How many file packages and files are installed on the system?Obtaining Operating System Information==
'''For the rest of the tasks in this lab, you must login to your installed Fedora system using your Learn account, open a terminal and execute the following listed Linux commands to obtain information for your lab-logbook''' (lab1). If you get a Permission Denied message when trying to execute a command, then switch to the '''superuser''' account by running the command '''su -''' and type in your password for "root" (since you are the main administrator for your Fedora system). Once the intended command is executed, type "exit" to exit from the superuser account and return to your regular Learn account.
::<code>'''rpm -qi gnome-terminal'''</code>
<ol> <li value="9">Using what you learned in steps 3, 4, and 7, get a count of the total number of files installed by all of the software packages on your system.</li><li>To find out the name that you have assigned to your Linux system, enter the command: <code>'''hostname'''</code></li>
<li>To find out the kernel version of your GNU/Linux workstation and the date it was created, enter the command: <code>'''uname -rv'''</code></li>
<li>To find out all the system processes running on your GNU/Linux workstation, enter the command: <code>'''ps -ef'''</code></li>

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