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OPS235 Lab 1 19

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{{Admon/important|Creating Effective and Easy-To-Remember Passwords|Pick a password that is hard to guess to protect your system. (Recommendation: use the first letter and all the punctuation from a favorite phrase or song verse. For example, "To be or not to be, that is the question!" could become the password "Tbontb,titq!"). A password strength indicator is provided to recommend if the password is weak or strong. Obviously, a stronger password is better.|
<li value="3">Select in the next screen the '''Graphical Desktop''' applications, and in the additional repositories section (at the bottom) accept the default settings, then proceed. You may look at what's available if you choose "Customize now" but you don't need to customize the software installed at this point.</li>
<li>Add in your lab logbook a brief description of the term "software repository" and what its major purpose serves (what you think it does). We will not add any existing repositories since we are not currently connected to the Internet. Therefore, we will customize the repositories later.</li>

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