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OPS235 Lab 1 19

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<li>Verify that your hard disk is the default destination for install (i.e. check mark underneath hard disk icon). Click the Done button. </li>
<li>An '''Installation Options''' dialog box should appear. Select "'''I want to review/modify my disk partitions before continuing'''" and make certain that the '''Partition Scheme''' is set to '''LVM'''. Click the Continue button.</li>
<li>A '''Manual Partitioning ''' screen should appear. This is the screen where you can customize your partitioning information.</li> <li>On your drive you will need at least the following partitions. These may be primary partitions or logical drives. If you have more space than 160GB available - you can add the extra space in equal parts to '''/home ''' and '''/var/lib/libvirt/images'''</li>
<ul><li>'''50GB''' for '''/''' (i.e. "root")</li>
<li>'''40GB''' for '''/home'''</li>

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