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BBB HTML5 Client

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Developing the HTML5 Client for BigBlueButton
==Developing the HTML5 Client for BigBlueButton==
Our aim in this iteration of our collaboration with BlindSide Networks is to develop a Flash-free, iOS compatible implementation of BigBlueButton. The first step in this is to develop a "bare-bones", non-presenter client that can still communicate with the existing Flash application. This requires the in-depth process of researching alternatives to Red5, the Flash Event structure, and the existing methods of streaming audio and video.
==== Setup HTML5 Client Development Environment ====
* '''Install BigBlueButton Newest Version (current version: 0.81-Beta-2)'''
The requirements are:
* Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit (Note: The packaging is for Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit only. There is no 32-bit packaging yet for 0.81.)
* 4 GB of memory (8 GB is better)
* Quad-core 2.6 GHZ CPU (or faster)
* Ports 80, 1935, 9123 accessible
* Port 80 is not used by another application
* 500G of free disk space (or more) for recordings
Please follow the link to [ install your Bigbluebutton server].
If you are working on Windows Operating System, we suggest using the [|PLAYER-404|product_downloads VMware Player 4.0.4] and install [ Ubuntu 10.04] on your virtual machine.
* '''Take a look at the overview of [ HTML5 Client]'''
* '''Setup the [ development environment] for HTML5 Client'''
# After Clone the SenecaCDOT-BigBlueButton repository to your local machine,you must build and deploy or run the Client, BBB-Web, and Red5 Applications components.
# Add BigBlueButton repository as your master branch’s upstream: ''git remote add upstream''
# Before creating a working branch, make sure your master branch is up-to-date: ''git fetch upstream''
# Create a working branch: ''git checkout -b yourbranchname upstream/html5-bridge''
# Push your local working branch to SenecaCDOT-BigBlueButton (your origin): git push -u origin yourbranchname
==Research Progress==

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