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Weekly Schedule 20132 - OOP344

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*:Basic arrays review
*:Homogeneous Heterogeneous Arrays
*Standard Template Library
*:std::string class
== Week 12 - July 21==
=== This Week 12===
*Bitwise operations
*:Bitwise Negation
*:Bitwise AND(&), OR(|), XOR(^)
*:Bit Shifting
*:Circular Bit Shifting
*:Flag definition
*Basic Encryption
*:XOR Cipher with key shifting
*:std::vector review
*:std::string review
*:std::iterator review
*File Streams
*:fstream review
*:fstream flags
*:binary files
*:saving and loading state from binary
=== To Do 12===
*A2 0.6 Milstone - Due July 26th
* Implement a serialization function on our [ Doubly Linked List] that writes the list to a binary file and a load function that loads the list from the binary file. Be sure to keep the list's structure intact. Proper implementations will net the student a bonus 0.5%, blog about result, but do not post code, instead email me your solutions.
=== Resources 12===
=== blog posts 12===

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