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Integration of bluglu device

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Current Work
''' Probing Bluetooth communication between bluglu and Android devices '''
* We've know the paring process (see the documentation below) based on the info from UHN.
* Based on experiments, it seemed that the Android have been able to connect to bluglu device using fixed Bluetooth port number (#3).
** Usually, Android device's Bluetooth implementation requires Bluetooth server use a random port number for the Bluetooth communication.
** Based on experiments, we found the bluglu device uses a fixed port/channel number (#3) for the communication (need to get confirmation from UHN).
** We tried to use Java reflection to realize (our Bluetooth client's) using fixed port #3 to communicate with bluglu device. It seemed connected.
** But we are not sure the connection is on the right way because the next step doesn't work.
* we are stuck at issue simple UDCP commands to bluglu device.
== Current Issues ==

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