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Integration of bluglu device

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More about Bluglu Device
'''Paring Process'''
** Tap the reset button once to put the BluGlu into a known state (idle). Hold the reset button until the white LED turns on, it should take about 4-5 seconds.** Release the reset button and the BluGlu is now in a "waiting for pairing" state for about 2 minutes. If pairing times out, BluGlu will remain paired with the last device it was successfully paired with.** Do a Bluetooth device discovery on the mobile phone. Once BluGlu is discovered, you can attempt to pair with it. BluGlu will try to use Simple Secure Pairing, but not all devices support that. If they don't, it will try to revert to using a PIN code.** If this happens, the PIN code is 589213
'''UDCP Documentation'''
* UHN Device Communication Protocol Specification (UDCP): [[UDCP-SamplePage.pdf]]
* Bluglu Command Explanation:** Device :commands can be issued from the host to request data such as the the battery level. Device commands do not get passed to the sensor that is attached to the bluglu (glucose meter).
** Raw commands are sent from the host to bluglu. Bluglu will then strip out the actual raw packet and pass that to the sensor that is attached.

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