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Teams' List 20132 - OOP344

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Team E
===[[Team E - OOP344 - 20132|Team E]]===
Vadim Namniak Michael Allison (programmer 1) [ vnamnyakmalliso1]
Michael Allison Vadim Namniak (programmer 2) [ vnamnyak]
Seong Geun Yoon (programmer 3) [ sgyoon] <u>A2 responsibilities and dates:</u>  Due Friday '''July 19th'''Implement CLabel (programmer 1)Implement CButton (programmer 2)Implement CLineEdit (programmer 3)Due Friday '''July 26th''' Implement CDialog (programmer 1)Implement CValEdit (programmer 2)Implement CMenuItem (programmer 3)Due Friday '''August 3rd'''Implement CCheckMark (programmer 1)Implement CText (programmer 2)Implement CCheckList (programmer 3)Due Friday '''August 9th'''Implement CMenuMerge all projects and verify CIO framework is fully functional and buglessDue Friday '''August 15th''' The Application Submission
===[[Team F - OOP344 - 20132|Team F]]===

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