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== Progress Report ==
In On thursday in week 10 (the week before the assignment is due) your entire team has to meet with me and show the status of the project. Not a standup presentation, but just a chat to make sure you're on track to completing everything on time.
Most importantly:
* What are you going to be selling, and why did you choose that?* What equipment you used/ will use, and where you got it from.* Your script or whatever form of plan you used or will use for the infomercial, including the setup and location.* Whether you had any issues doing the recording.If you haven't done the final recording yet - why not and have you at least tried a test run?* Show me the raw recording you've made.* Tell me your plan for doing the editing.Tell * Let me the plan for creating the content sectionknow if there are any team problems (MIA members, etc).
This progress report will be worth 20% of the assignment.
== Final Submission ==
Test your project in Firefox and Internet explorer. Since we don't have a place to host such large files - you'll have to submit the assignment on a CD or DVD. It will contain:
Your webpage, fully working.
The original, unmodified videos, inside a folder called "raw".
Please write "BTC640/PRO608 Asg 2 Team X" (replace X with your team number) on the disk. And test it!
Put the disk (in an envelope so it can be timestamped) in the dropbox at reception at the CS office.

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