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* You answering questions from your partner or if you don't have one - questions that came in from the audience.
* Whatever you're selling in action, though I'll accept a creative use of a screen capture software.
Even if you feel it's hard to sell the product without showing it all the time - remember selling is mostly about the salesman and the product is just there to help. You're doing a sales job and not a technical tutorial. Just talk about the features as you would explain them to a friend - that's the least stressful way to get it done.
Remember that even though you have a script that doesn't mean you have to do the whole thing right at once. Do it in pieces, expecting you'll be pasting the pieces together later during editing. This is a why a good script is important - you can concentrate on one scene at a time.
= Editing= The final video should look like this: # Title screen with the names of all the people in your team, etc and the name of the product you're selling. Also if it's not obvious - a brief (one sentence) description of the product.# Approximately 15 minutes of one or more of you talking, including answering a question or two.# Interspersed in those 15 minutes approximately 5 minutes of hands-on product demonstration, not more.# All along the video there should be contact information shown for people who want to buy it, like a (fake) phone number or a (fake, short) website address. Don't forget to mention this info several times as you're talking. You may use any software you like for editing. = Formats = Look back on what you've done in the Video lab and convert your video into those formats so that it will play in Firefox and Chrome and IE. You will probably also have to change settings when you do the conversion to make the size of the videos smaller. The videos must be streamable on a typical residential 5Mbps connection, so calculate what that means in terms of a maximum size for your video. = Website = = Popcorn.js = = Submission = == Progress Report ==
I'll be finishing the rest of the assignment specifications later this week.== Final Submission ==

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