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| 0 || Example1, Example2 || SampleProject1 || '''11 Jul. Done.'''|-| 1 || Justin, Natesh, Ivan || BigBlueButton || '''9 MarJul. Done.'''|-| 2 || Anatoly Spektor || Aperture || '''11 Jul. Done.'''|-| 3 || Daniel, Kalid || || '''11 Jul. Done.'''|-| 6 || Yohanes, Chaobo, Zain || Windows 8 || '''11 Jul. Done.'''|-| 7 || Zakeria || || 11 Jul.|-| 8 || Kajanthan || Eclipse || '''11 Jul. Done.'''|-| 9 || Stephanie, Sezar || Star Dust || '''11 Jul. Done.'''
* You answering questions from your partner or if you don't have one - questions that came in from the audience.
* Whatever you're selling in action, though I'll accept a creative use of a screen capture software.
Even if you feel it's hard to sell the product without showing it all the time - remember selling is mostly about the salesman and the product is just there to help. You're doing a sales job and not a technical tutorial. Just talk about the features as you would explain them to a friend - that's the least stressful way to get it done.
Remember that even though you have a script that doesn't mean you have to do the whole thing right at once. Do it in pieces, expecting you'll be pasting the pieces together later during editing. This is a why a good script is important - you can concentrate on one scene at a time.
= Editing =
In The final video should look like this project : # Title screen with the names of all the people in your team, and the main result name of editing will be removing pauses that donthe product you't need to be in an online lecturere selling. This would be realtively simple in Also if it's not obvious - a short video but will take brief (one sentence) description of the product.# Approximately 15 minutes of one or more of you talking, including answering a lot question or two.# Interspersed in those 15 minutes approximately 5 minutes of work hands-on product demonstration, not more.# All along the video there should be contact information shown for people who want to buy it, like a (fake) phone number or a video (fake, short) website address. Don't forget to mention this sizeinfo several times as you're talking. You may use any software you like for editing.
That means you'll have to watch all of it and use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie (or another tool if you prefer) to delete the pauses. While you're doing this - make notes of times where in the video you'll want to insert events (see the Webpage/Content section below), you'll save yourself some time that way.= Formats =
If Look back on what you recorded audio separately - you will want to add 've done in the audio track Video lab and sync convert your video into those formats so that it with will play in Firefox and Chrome and IE. You will probably also have to change settings when you do the original video before you conversion to make any changes to the size of the videos smaller. The videos must be streamable on a typical residential 5Mbps connection, so calculate what that means in terms of a maximum size for your video, otherwise it will take way too much effort to add the audio later.
= Webpage =
Same as for assignment 1 - you will need to find a template for your page so that the result looks professional. Don't forget to set the titles correctly and remove links that you aren't using.
On the index page you should have:
* # The team number and all the team members' names.* # A list of the equipment you used.* # Where you got the website template.* # Links to any code samples written by someone else that you used in the assignment. You may use online resources or Chris's demo code [ from here], but you have to be very clear which code you didn't write yourself or else it's plagiarism. On the video page there will be a title, the name of the presenter, a short description of the lecture, and two main components: # The video itself, in an HTML5 video tag. Have the controls showing but don't start playing it automatically.# Next to it (probably to the right, though I'll leave that detail to you, as long as it works it's good) you'll need a "Content" area, where you'll show the slides associated with the lecture. == Video == This time you have to make sure your video works not only in Firefox but also in IE. Just the latest versions. That means your video will have to be in two formats. Please do test it on both browsers. Obviously this only applies to the final, edited video, not the original one you filmed.
Space is a very important consideration. Though you should be filming at On the highest quality your camera and storage space allows - that video page there will be too much for real-time video on a title, the name of the web. Assume product, a client download speed of 300kbpsshort description, and calculate how much space that means your video can take, based on how long it is.two main components:
You The video itself, in an HTML5 video tag. Have the controls showing but don't want start playing it automatically. Remember this has to work in multiple browsers.Next to it (probably to have bad quality the right, though. So I'll leave that detail to you, as long as it works it's good) you should have 'll need a native size at least 640 pixels wide and make sure "Content" area, where you can clearly see the speaker's facell show some extra promotional material.
== Popcorn.js Content ==
Whatever This will contain extra stuff to encourage the presenter is showing on the projector should be very well visible in your webpage. Thereviewer to buy whatever you's no way to film that with a regular camerare selling. You could To keep it simple just have a screen recording statement like "16221 of these have been sold already! Hurry up and order yours before the promotion ends!" Where the number can come from or a specialised device to do this, but we have another, better optionyou can write your own.
We're going to use Popcorn.js to associate The content with certain times in area should be blank before the video. That means you will need screenshots of slides that the speaker used. You can use LibreOffice to export a slideshow as PDF playback is started and then use another tool to make an image out of each slide. If the speaker is showing a webpage - instead of showing a screenshot of the webpage you should load the webpage itself in the content divafter it ends.
The content should appear when it becomes relevant (typically when the speaker switches to that slide/webpage) and dissapear when it's no longer needed. You should have Have at least 15 10 events for your lecture. If for some reason you filmed someone who didn't have slides or webpages to show - you can replace them with source code they were showing or what you think would be useful reference webpages related to at appropriate times during the presentationvideo.
= Submission =
== Progress Report ==
In On thursday in week 10 (the week before the assignment is due) your entire team has to meet with me and show the status of the project. Not a standup presentation, but just a chat to make sure you're on track to completing everything on time.
Most importantly:
* What are you going to be selling, and why did you choose that?* What equipment you used/ will use, and where you got it from.* Your script or whatever form of plan you used or will use for the infomercial, including the setup and location.* Whether you had any issues doing the recording.If you haven't done the final recording yet - why not and have you at least tried a test run?
* Show me the raw recording you've made.
* Tell me your plan for doing the editing.
* Tell Let me the plan for creating the content sectionknow if there are any team problems (MIA members, etc).
This progress report will be worth 20% of the assignment.
* Your webpage, fully working.
* Your script, or if you don't have one - a quick explanation of how you managed without it.* The original, unmodified videovideos, inside a folder called "raw". Please write "BTC640/PRO608 Asg 2 Team X" (replace X with your team number) on the disk. And test it!
Please write "BTC640/PRO608 Asg 2 Team X" on Put the disk(in an envelope so it can be timestamped) in the dropbox at reception at the CS office.

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