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BBB BUC Emp FilterEvt

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* The actor is logged into the system
* The actor is currently viewing the main page (calender.jsp) with a "Filter by" drop-down list
* The current filter type is not "Meetings/Lectures I've created"
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! Step# !! Actor !! System !! Data Used
| 1 || Chooses the "Meetings/Lectures I've created" filter type from the drop-down list || Retrieve relevant data from database<br />Displays only the lectures and meetings created by the current actor on Calendar/Grid view ||
bu_id<br />(meeting_schedule)<br />(lecture_attendance)<br />(meeting_attendance)<br />(lecture)<br />(meeting)
'''Successful Post Conditions:'''
* Only meeting and lecture appointments created by the current actor are displayed
* The system now displays the main site page (calender.jsp)

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