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Closest Pair
One of the more common algorithm algorithms used to find the closest pair is the Brute-force algorithm; which is calculating the distances of all the point points ( O(n^2) notation):
n=total number of pintspoints
then simply look for the pair of points that has the smallest distance between each other. However, this algorithm was evident to be slow.
This is the function used in the closestPair.c program that Stephanie used for here her assignment 1:
double brute_force(point* pts, int max_n, point *a, point *b)
This the profile:
Flat profile:
Each sample counts as 0.01 seconds.
% cumulative self self total
time seconds seconds calls ms/call ms/call name
99.78 41.58 41.58 16384 2.54 2.54 brute_force
0.14 41.64 0.06 closest
0.05 41.66 0.02 cmp_x
0.02 41.67 0.01 cmp_y
  As a consequence, we presume “parallellazing” this algorithm that by making the brute force function parallel using CUDA technology will speed up the process significantly.
Github link [ here]
=== Assignment 3 ===

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