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GPU610/DPS915 Student Resources

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[ See the guide here; work in progress]
== SVGALIBS - Graphics Library ==
This library is a Linux graphics library and thus will not work on windows (I have tried very briefly on finding a way but could not for the reason that Windows does not have X11/xorgs/linux tty devices). The program needs to be run on a Linux machine because it is using svgalibs which is an archaic way to display stuff on the linux screen (from quick google search on the svga library).
[ svgalibs link]
== Nvcc cannot find library/header) ==
a.k.a. Dun Goofing where nvcc locates its header files - as experienced by Neil Guzman
Find nvcc.profile (usually located in "C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v5.0\bin") and insert this:
TOP = $(_HERE_)/..
PATH += $(TOP)/open64/bin;$(TOP)/nvvm;$(_HERE_);$(TOP)/lib;
INCLUDES += "-I$(TOP)/include" "-I$(TOP)/include/cudart" "-IZ:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0/VC/include" $(_SPACE_)
LIBRARIES =+ $(_SPACE_) "/LIBPATH:$(TOP)/lib/$(_WIN_PLATFORM_)" cudart.lib
The most important part to note is: "INCLUDES += ..."
[httpWhat you want to put is "-IC:/PATH/wwwTO/THE/INCLUDE/FILES", which in my case was: "-IZ:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 11.svgalib0/VC/include". Hope this helps anyone, as it insanely irritated me as changing up the environment path on windows did svgalibs link]
= Converting Fortran Code to C Code =

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