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OPS235 Lab 4 - Fedora17

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# In the end of the last lab we used the graphical tool system-config-lvm to create a logical volume lv_archive. Examine the logical and physical volumes on fedora2 using system-config-lvm.
# Run gparted. Gparted will only list traditional partitions, not any LVM information. Note that in Gparted there is a dropdown box for the drive currently displayed. Look for common elements that are displayed in both programs.
# Just as we added a new physical drive to fedora3 in lab3 - go to the hardware details (in the virtual-manager application) in fedora1 and add a new hard disk of 2GBs, make sure it's a VirtIO disk.
# Instead of adding it to the volume group for use with LVM we're going to create a traditional partition on it, and a filesystem on that partition:
## Run gparted on fedora1 and select the new drive, if you added it correctly it should be /dev/vdb.

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